Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Can words even describe this entry?

Weights up. What else can I say about it. Oh, you want to know my reaction to the 'up'? Disgusted, depressed, sick at heart; just to name a few. I am still goign to my meeting tonight. And yes, I'm going to weigh in and face my knocks. The knocks will be particularly bad....i ate at The Waffle House this morning....eii yiii yiii. Oh well......such is life. I so want to get the weight off.......arrggghh

Well...now that I have ranted about that...lets just have a blast and say that life sucks! A while back I made a very important decision. One that had the potential to impact our lives greatly either. Either choice I made was going to have it's positives....but each choice would come with it's corresponding negative. Well, just yesterday I was put into the position of being told that it was a good possibility that the one major negative was being removed...and that it would all be positive. I had my hopes up...I was excited. Then today....dashed. My hopes trampled....crumbled to the ground. And yeah...I'm feeling a bit down about it.

Heck...when is life going to stop kicking me! I was just getting out of a little 'blue' period that I was in for the last few days...and now this. DRAT!

Poor Todd...he's been sick about two weeks now. Can't seem to shake whatever he has.