Wednesday, November 02, 2016


42 days.    That was how long I went between runs.  42 days!   The other day I made my plans and set my challenge for the month of November.   I know from personal experience that if I mess up, especially at the beginning that it kinda just happens that I throw in the I knew that grabbing a run or two before my vacation time was very important!

I woke up early (on my own).  It was very dark.  I waited a while. It was still very dark!   7am and it was still dark...but just starting to look better!  I drug myself out of bed at 7:30 and was outside at 7:45 (that was pretty much the latest that I could run and still make it to work on time!)   

The back of my right thigh and through my butt cheek protested immediately!!  Wowzers!   But I kept going because I had expected this run to hurt!!   And sure did!    That ache disappeared...but others marched in and out of the run. 

I walked a few times.. Twice to be exact...and only for about 30-60 seconds each time. I forced myself to keep running.   It was a slow pace (in reality only a few seconds slower than my pace from the last time I ran though!!) work and my leg muscles are ACHING!!!!!

But I did it!!!

Andy Grammers song masterpiece came on at the beginning of the run and these words pushed me through the aches...

One, you get one heartbeat, some take it seriously
This is your masterpiece, don't forget to dream
And taste the colors in the air you breathe
It's your masterpiece, go ahead and feel it all
Don't stop till it is beautiful
(Oh whoa, oh whoa, oh)
Don't stop till it is beautiful
(Oh whoa, oh whoa, oh)
Don't stop till it is beautiful

Me pushing through is helping to create me into an even better of health!!

Now to just curb the need for ice cream. Yes, I had Ben and Jerry's again last night!!!