Sunday, April 20, 2008

more of the same

Yes, it's more of the same. I haven't been utterly 'bad' but I haven't been exactly good either. I had been struggling with some sinus pressure and the headache to match for a few days. On Wednesday I woke up and felt miserable....congested...hoarse.....sore throat. Actually I felt pretty bad on Tuesday. In fact, I almost didn't go to my meeting on Tuesday night because of it. Sooooo consequentially, I didn't ride the bike on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. On Saturday I was starting to feel better..but life was just kickin' up a storm. I did get off my butt and ride fo 25 minutes today. 6 miles....that's what I did. My minimum is 25 miles a week....I have until Tuesday to get my 25 miles. I've got 19 miles to go! eii yii yiii. Maybe I can get another ride in later today. If I watch the next episode of The biggest Loser should be an hour long episode (45-50 minutes) which usually nets me about 10-13 miles. That will put me back into spitting distance of at least reaching my goal for this week. If I average out my mileage for each week....I'm well ahead of my goal (at the end of last week I had 103.24 miles....and to be on track I only needed to have I'm good) BUT I don't want to have that carry me...that's cheating!

I haven't been on the scales since Tuesday morning. I'm a bit afraid. I know I need to do it.

Stressful week. On Thursday night, we went to flip on the heat at about 11PM. Just to take the chill off the house. Well, I'm reasonably sure that we shouldn't see a flash coming from the furnace nor smell a pretty bad burning smell. We quickly turned it off...and actually flipped the breaker to be sure. Todd ran over and got a space heater from the old apartment and we went to bed. Not much you can do in the middle of the night...and as it wasn't freezing we were ok. In the morning we called a repair place to come in. They came....told us it was shot to hell. They qoated a price to get a new electric furnace....4,900 dollars. Or we could go 5,500 and get a heat pump..more effiencent. Well, we definitely wanted the heat the long run it would save us money. Well, I was reeling from the price when I went to work. Well, when Sam, the teller supervisor heard that, she immediately called her husband and asked him what he would charge us. He quoted us a price of 2500. That is parts and labor. I have talked to him and he seems knowledgable...and I know he loves what he's obvious from talking to him. So I gave the go ahead. :-) He came over Friday night to double check what he would need. ANd he was here Saturday morning to install it. We are not happy that we had to chunk out ANY money...but we are happy that we got a new heating/air system. Ironically enough, we are enthralled with our new thermostat! :-) We don't have to flip between heat and automatically switches when it gets to certain temps (with a gap between the two of course). That's pretty cool. Especially since for the last week or so, we have to run the air in the day...and the heat at night! No more forgetting to turn on the heat at night and waking up freezing! WOO HOOO> We thought we had it good just to have central heat and air...this is ten times better. And to remember and think about the fact that 2 months ago we were in a place that was heated with SPACE heaters!