Friday, November 23, 2007

Afternoon update

I had my super yummy lunch. Lots of leftovers. I had leftover sauerkraut and green beans and some pumpkin mousse/fluff. YUMMY. I also threw in a clemantine and a kiwi! Filled me right up!

Now to make sure I exercise tonight when I get home!!!! What do to... I was dissapointed becasue the two nice days that we've had recently...I wanted so bad to be out on my bike riding outside...and alas, I was stuck inside and busy! That really bites! At least dinner won't be much work as I actually prepared it yesterday and I have left instructions for Todd to put it in the oven so that it is ready when I get home.

So far today the foot isn't aching as badly as it was yesterday. That's a really good thing!!! Especially when it comes to exercising tonight!

Thanksgiving, aches and pains and extreme tiredness

The day before Thanksgiving was busy. Todd and I ran around and did errends all morning. We went to Longhorn for lunch. We had a complimentary meal coupon (because of a problem during a previous visit). I had a salad, a baked sweet potato, brandied apples and some steamed veggies. I could only eat half of the steamed veggies...there was too much food (todd helped a bit with the apples also). When we got home, we moved a piece of furniture to our storage place, moved some train layout boards to a shed and brought down the Christmas decorations from the attic. I then spent a couple hours really cleaning the living room (moved furniture and all that) and putting up the Christmas decorations. I ran out and got us subs from Subway at around 6PM. Came home, ate my sub and went into the kitchen where I did my cooking for Thanksgiving day. At about 8:30 our piano tuner came (it was a scheduled visit) it was about 9:30 or so until I was able to fall into bed exhausted. (Oh yes, I had exercised early that morning).

The alarm went off at 6AM on Thanksgiving day. I diligently went to the living room (aka workout room) and worked out for just under an hour. I had breakfast, showered, did a load of laundry and got everything ready to take to mom's. I also got Todd's breakfast ready...he was exhausted on Tuesday so I wanted him to be able to sleep as long as possible. (He hadn't budged as I'd moved around the house). I woke him up 20 minutes before we had to leave.

We got to mom's at around 9:30 (we left our house at 8:15...picked up Ronnie at 9...and at mom's by 9:30). I peeled potatoes and helped mom out in the kitchen for a bit....and we took time to sit in the living room and chat when we could. For lunch I ate a little bit of meat, sauerkraut, green beans, baked butter beans, mashed potatoes, harvard beets, peas, stuffing (yum, I LOVE my mom's stuffing). For my sweet tooth I had some jello with mandarin oranges and some pumpkin mousse! (Yummy!.....I'm having more for lunch today.... 1 point for 1/2 cup!). My indulgance yesterday...I had a piece of applesauce cake and a snickerdoodle cookie that mom had made for dad. I also drank my full 64 ounces of water!

Soooooo....knowing that...and seeing that I didn't eat like a mad woman. WHY THE HECK is my weight showing me up 5 POUNDS since Tuesday morning???????? Ok....5 pounds times 3500 calories that make up a pound....that's a HECK of a lot of food! In fact, that's 17500 calories to make up that five pounds. There is NO WAY IN HECK that I ate 17500 extra calories in two days! I'm not overly upset...because I know that I didn't eat that much food. I'm just disgusted...because I do feel as if I ate wisely! Oh well...that's the nature of the beast!

I'm thinking about not weighing myself again until next Tuesday morning. SO I don't panic or obsess about. Just eat right the next couple days and take it like a man....err woman!

What's up with the weather??? One day I'm wearing shorts and tee shirts...the next day my winter coat????? I don't like this.....because i'm STILL constantly cold!

Yesterday evening I was just exhausted. I think the busyness of my few days just really caught up with me! We got home and I put my leftovers away...and put together a Shepherds pie for dinner tonight. It was all I could do stay awake. I ended up falling asleep for about a half our or so. ANd that was good enough to hold me through until a 'decent' time to go to bed. HOWEVER, Todd and i were in bed at 7PM...watching tv. :-) feet are soooo sore! The one hurts so horribly! It's a real struggle to exercise because of the pain! In fact, this morning...I struggled with actually exercising. The alarm went off an hour early so I could get up and exercise. However, it was cool in the house (dang weather changes), my foot hurt like a banshee, and last but not least...I was just struggling with waking up! I WILL exercise tonight!!! I even asked Todd to help me to actually do it!!!!