Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Had my food plan posted on the fridge yesterday and when I came home,even though I was home alone, which is usually a liscence for me to eat wildly and totally out of control I looked at that food plan posted there and I stuck with it. To a tee. So last night I figured out my eating plan for today. PRinted it out and it is posted on the fridge. I'm sticking with it today also!!!!

Today is the last day of work before a long weekend for me!! Wooo hooo. Can't wait to have a few days off! Yeah, I don't actually do much at my job...but being bored really gets......boring. haa ha ahaa. No seriously, being bored and doing nothing really gets old! What's planned for the weekend? Not sure, the weather will be holding us back somewhat. We had originally wanted to hike up in Catoctin on day. We also talked about hiking Maryland Heights. But the weather is to be really crappy half of the time. BOO HOOOO