Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I have value

Monday is done.  I stayed within my points....made it to zumba.....all was well.   This morning Todd requested waffles...so i made them.  The points are calculated and my lunch is very nutritious and healthy, so I still have a decent amount of points for the evening and for my dinner.  So I should be OK.

HOWEVER, today is fastnacht day!   SOOOO  of course in at least this area, that means DOUGHNUTS!  My manager brought a bag of fresh donuts in for us.  Just walking by the counter where the donuts sit the smell just wafts lazily through the air, tempting my taste buds, making me salivate!  AHHHHH  Not gonna do it!  

I've thought about setting goals for myself.  But you know what.  I focus on the goals and lose track of what I'm doing.....which is taking care of me.  Yes for the last few years I've joined weight loss challenges.  I've set goals for myself.  I'd done everything I can think of to challenge and motivate myself.  But each time I do horrible.  And that's because I'm not doing it for the right reasons.  The right reasons?    Because I'm worth the effort.  Plain and simple, I'm worth it.  Yes, I'm worth the effort to make me better.  I'm worthy of being a thin person again.  No matter what anyone has said or done to make me feel it, I do deserve to feel good about myself!!!!   I have value, even if I've not seen it for a long time.