Thursday, October 02, 2008

thepathway near Sharpsburg

thepathway near Sharpsburg, originally uploaded by mfcstotler.

This morning I woke up and there was no doubt in my mind. I was riding the exercise bike come hell or high water. I hit up the bathroom first, as is my normal routine. I weighed myself. HOLY MOLY! 181.0 pounds. That is a loss of 5.6 pounds since TUESDAY? I thought I was shocked yesterday......woah doggie. Today I'm just plain and simple blown away! I refust to psychoanalyze the situation. I don't care at this point. Yep, it could have been water, yep, it could hav been the kick ass last few days I've had. I don't care. What I care about is that it was 181. 0 That puts me back into my 'happy 5 pound' area! (within 5 pounds from my lowest weight ever....I have always said I would be ok, happy if my weight stayed within 5 pounds of my lowest ever weight.....and if it went above it was panic time!). SO I'm a happy girl. It is also redoubling my motivation to go on vacation and really nail the vacation. I want to lose weight! (I'll be happy with a maintain though).

Anyway, so this morning I weighed myself and hopped onto the exercise bike. I was about 15 minutes into my ride when Todd woke up and mentioned the gym. Well heck, i was ready to hop of the bike and hit up the gym instead. But he then quickly remembered and obligation he had that would make the gym not quite as feasible. I suggested a walk on the canal. His eyes lit up. We had a winner. I rode the exercise bike for 30 minutes, ate lunch and got dressed and then walked on the canal for an hour! Not too shabby!

Vacation they are.
1. I'm taking homemade granola bars and 1 point candy (WW) so that we have something realativly healthy to snack on.
2. When we get there, I"m going to hit up the grocery store and have a few items on hand at my brothers house so that I can eat a decently healthy breakfast AND lunch at their house. (this will save us money also!)
3. Eat sensibly when we go out for dinner!
4. I'm planning on jogging or riding my brothers exercise bike in the mornings.
5. walking walking walking. I've told Todd that I want to walk walk walk as much as we can! Why drive that 1/2 mile to the Mexican restaurant that we want to visit when we can walk there!

I'm determined to make this vacation a successful weight week!