Thursday, July 24, 2008

50 lashes with a wet noodle for me!

I'm due for a big verbal tongue lashing. Uhhh well, I didn't get any cardio in last night! I actually set up the dance dance revolution dance pads for Todd and i to play. And stupid me...waited for him. Ok, it's not totally his fault. He can't help it that he has some major issues with his digestion system. And I'm positive that he would have been much happier to have not spent the evening sick. BUT, I don't exercise based on his promise to exercise with me later. And then it gets thrown out the window and I don't get any exercise in. Stupid me, how many times does this have to happen? So I didn't exercise yesterday.

I did wake up and even though I was honestly dreading it, I went to the gym to have my hour with the personal trainer. She wants me to continue (ok, restart) my cardio routine. We talked about varying the intensity level, time and routine of my cardio workouts. (all of which I already d0). She recommended the spin classes. She said that they are a KILLER way to actually burn calories! And then she started setting up a strength training routine for me to work on. I go back next Wednesday to finish up with the arms and all that it entails. We did legs and core stuff today. She actually tailored the workouts and exercises for me. She watched me attempt or to do the exercises like a hawk and then we adjusted them to be harder or easier based on my individual level. MUCH better session than the one at the previous gym. I'll readily admit that I've let my strength training really fall by the wayside in the last 6 months to a year. It's really amazing how quickly you 'fall back' and lose what you did have. I'm here at work and I can feel it in my muscles from what i did today...and you know what's sad??? I only did one set of each thing today. (well, some more as we fiddled with the best level for me).

She is focusing on all the different muscles (of course) but she is leaning toward building my core strength at the same time...therefore she doesn't have me using any of the machines that target the one area.

Funny thing though....she asked me a few times, "You didn't have surgery?" Uhhh no, I lost 130 pounds naturally. The good old fashioned way. That made her setting things up I guess a little trickier...well heck, maybe easier. Because for the last umpteen years (forever it seems) I've focused on reading about health, diet and exercise. SO I know what I need to do. She was also blown away because she made suggestions and I was like, "OK" I finally looked at her and was like, "losing 130 pounds is sheer determination.....what your asking me to do is not impossible or even out of line. If that's what I need to do to get to the next level, so be it. I'll do it." Therefore we made my strength workout as challenging as possible. (some of my instructions are 3 sets or failure...which ever comes At one point I was having difficulty with one thing she was setting me up to do. I looked at her and I had said, "I can't" Before she could even open her mouth I looked at her and said, "That's's mind over matter" And it was body hadn't given 'any' signal that it couldn't go was my mind messing with me.

Enough about that. I go back next Wednesday evening (6pm) to finish setting up my strength training routine.

Eating wise, today I've been right on target. I've got my points laid out for the evening and I'll be in very good shape points wise as long as I stay to whats in the book. And I'll even be able to have a little dessert or something special this evening should I want...I'll have the points available. For a while back, maybe a year or so ago, before I ate anything I would convert that into how 'long' I would have to exercise or do something in order for me to 'negate' the food that i was eating. It really worked and kept me from eating lots of bad stuff. I need to start doing that again!

Not much else happening here. I did a few loads of laundry early this morning, hung them out and between the gym and work, I've been able to take them off the line. They are folded and sitting in baskets on the bed, ready to be put away. So tomorrow it's just sheets and towels. (and I can postpone those if I so chose....they can sit in the basket for a day or so if I don't want to wash them tomorrow).