Sunday, August 17, 2008

*Todd and I went for a hike this morning. It was nice to get out on a nice cool morning. Afterward we went to an outdoor fleamarket and walked some more. That was a good thing. I found a bunch of new bottles for my collection! SO I"m all excited about that!

*I push mowed my parents properties today. SO there was about an hour of walking and pushing the mower. I uhhh, had some problems. I mowed over a flower bed and took down a tree that dad planted this summer (hey, next time weed it so I can see that it's a flower bed!) And well.....the front garden hose....I uhhh...kinda ran over it with the mower.

*Mom and I went to the mall. I bought some shoes to match my vintage dress (yeah yeah yeah, the one I can't fit into yet) and I got some free panties from Victoria's Secret. Oh yeah, and a new bra. W e went back to mom and dad's place and I fell asleep and slept for about 3 hours. (Yep, great visit with my as mom said, it's what I must have needed...don't you love mommies!)

*My weight dropped again today. What??? I have no clue why! IN fact, the monthly ick hit weight normally is up on a day like this. SO I have no clue. I've binged a bit tonight though, so I don't know. I just couldn't stop eating! I have stopped now...but only because my stomach is like STUFFED!

*I"m off tomorrow. Todd and I are thinking about going up to Old Beford Village in PA. I went there when I was a kid.....and I fell in love with history..and I can credit some of that falling in love to Old Bedford Village. SO I"m excited to go tomorrow. I told dad though....I'll probably be so disappointed...and my childhood memory will be a bust! LOL Todd wants to go to Shanksville since we will be in that general area (about 30-40 miles away). Who knows what else we'll find to get into!