Friday, December 04, 2015

Grandfather clock eating

The grandfather clock chimes 6PM and even though I haven't thought about food  or in any way am hungry my mind automatically says 'dinner time!!'    Yes, I am just like he scientific/psychological experiment that Pavlov did on this dogs.   (Ring the dinner bell and the dogs automatically salivated....that's it in a nutshell).  I am totally conditioned to eat at certain times.   Really?????  

I came to this conclusion a few days ago.  You see I was watching tv and had no thoughts of food....other than to think 'wow, I'm not at all hungry'. Then that pesky clock peaked the hour and was the only thing I could think of.  

I planned this post in my head while I was running this morning (Ahhhh. 40 degrees and clear as a bell....good running weather!!).  Yet when things went nuts at work and I was late leaving....and when I realized it was 7pm and I hadn't eaten didn't matter that I wasn't hungry.  I HAD to stop to pick something up!   It was a conditioned eating.   Certainly NOT because I was hungry!   How sad is that????  I wasn't hungry, yet I wanted to eat simply because it was 'time' to eat.    How utterly stupid am I???

So my new goal is to focus on eating ONLY when I am actually hungry.   If that means I go up at midnight to get a bite to eat, then so be it.  If it means I skip a meal....oh well.  I've got to get back on track!!

(Oh and eating when I wasn't hungry I'm miserable and stuffed!!)

My weight this week has been all over the place!!!  It's been driving me nuts.  I know it's only a number on the scale but it's my number!!!  Not gonna worry about it.  Some of us the monthly hopefully things will have regulated by my official Wednesday weigh in!!

One last word...broke down and got a Diet Pepsi with dinner....all but about an inch out of the big cup is still there.  Guess it doesn't hold the same attraction.  Interesting!!!