Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend warrior

A weekend warrior I am not.  Weekends are more difficult for me.  Especially weekends where Todd is not working. I was happy to say that my eating was OK in terms of calories.  I was spot on actually.  However, my choices were not the greatest.  Ok, they weren't bad, just higher in carbs and lower on fruits and veggies than I should have been. And water???  What is water????  However  I am going to take this as a victory and not stress about it.  It's a victory because I didn't binge. I didn't eat horrible. I did drink Crystal light (and some diet pepsi) so I didn't drink horrible things. (well the diet pepsi I drank wasn't the greatest...but it was better than regular pepsi)  

So my running.   I ran and moved last week...I got two runs in.  My weekend runs went up in flames.....or should I say down the drain with rain rain and more rain.     However, I have to admit...I LOVE to look at nice shaped legs.   Bikers legs are AWESOME. Runners legs are AWESOME!   So I want awesome legs. Yes, that is my motivating factor right now.....don't be hating!

Nothing much else to say.  I'm here.  I want it....I am cleaning up my eating after the weekend to incorporate lost of fruits and veggies! And water....water is my best friend!