Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Moving right along

Yesterday morning I was showing a maintain on my weight.  Life was grand.  Then Lancaster county PA happened.  About two months ago I navigated a day in Lancaster just fine.  Yesterday I folded.  I was more than a thousand calories over.  I still kept a reign on it..slightly.  (It was the desserts at the buffet that got me...I did good at the buffet...I didn't  go crazy  on bread, didn't have any in fact....but had two desserts off the bar..  )It would have been not as bad had I gotten up and ran before we went, like I had planned.    However when the alarm went off I was still just so sluggish and stiff from Mondays work.  Oh we'll.  One day will not be the death of me.  The most important thing is that yesterday's eating and behavior does not occur anytime soon.   I'm not trying to live in a perfect world.  There will be days like that.  It's ok, as long as they are few and far between!

In other news....I got a new hat to get all sweaty during my runs!!!