Monday, July 08, 2013


It caught up with me.  Ok, maybe not totally. I’m reasonably sure that some of my ‘official weigh in’ results is the fact that it was stinkin’ hot this weekend.  I spent hours outside and as such I ended up drinking a lot of drinks that are higher sodium (which I know causes my weight to spike).  But I’m not going to lie.  I have not been eating right for the last few weeks.  
No excuses.  I have done this to myself.  I’ve been skirting on the edge.  I’ve not been horribly bad but I’ve allowed too many carbohydrates to creep into my life and maybe even a snack or two also.   That alone would be ok.  It would be a maintain (and it is what I was doing for a week or two).  But then add in that I went a week or so without exercise while I tried to figure out what was up with the foot and you have a bad combination.   I seriously make better choices when I’m exercising regularly.  (and the exercise gives me a little leeway to not have to be so ‘perfect.) 
I don’t have grand plans.  I am only saying that I’m going to focus on keeping my calories (and nutrients…because just eating the proper amount of calories isn’t enough, it has to be PROPER nutrients for MY body).  I’m going to focus on getting at least an hour (or right about an hour) of exercise each day.  I’m going to recommit to this process. 
I rode this morning.   Had a nice ride and was happy with how I feel on my ride.  The upper body doesn’t cry out in freakish misery anymore.  I’m not going to say that my arms are not a bit achy when I ride, but it’s not an ache that lasts for the next two days.  So I KNOW I’m improving.   (I almost went down today…..the park service was putting the battlefield back into shape after the fourth of July celebration so the park maintenance guys were there and also some prison inmates were working.  I came to a stop at a major road and went to put my right foot down and found myself leaning to the left.  I jerked myself to the right and didn’t go down…thank heavens…I didn’t need to do a swan dive in front of the prison inmates.)
I am contemplating going to the gym tonightfor a little time on the elliptical.  We shall see. Right now I’m fighting the eyelids that are drooping with sleep.