Friday, April 07, 2017

Boat anchors

On Wednesday I got off work at noon.   It was a gorgeous spring day!   What did I do?   Hop on my bike of course!!!!

15.5 miles completed on the C&O Canal towpath.

I was riding by and something caught my eye...was it....

I got off my bike and moved closer.....
Yes, someone placed a gnome in the tree.  How fun!!!

I also walked quit a bit that day too! 

I went running this morning.  The first quarter of a mile was brutal!   The wind was blowing....hard!    I could tell from which direction it was blowing and knew that if I could just reach the  roads  that I had planned to run that the narrow, garage lined alleys would buffet me from the wind.  I was right.  Thank heavens.   

That didn't make the run at better though.  My legs were heavy!  Like boat anchor heavy!!!!  At about a mile and a half I started to feel a hot spot in the side of my foot. I bailed at one of my bail out points.    I finished up my run at about 2.25 miles.  I'd had enough!  

It's frustrating.  I am running slower than I have ever run before!   I know it's lack of consistency and the higher weight!   Two things that I can fix to make it a bit better.

While I was running this morning I was thinking about running.  I would love someday to say I am a great runner and be able to run amazingly paced miles.  But in reality, I don't see it happening (anytime soon at least).   First of all my current weight would prohibit it.  But secondly and most importantly I don't have the time and energy to focus solely on running.   I like to ride my bike....and so last Saturday when I COULD have run (which may have helped negate today's horrible run) I chose instead to ride my bike!   And guess what?   This weekend I may not run.  I may not even ride my bike.   Why?  We might be hiking!!!    Variety is really what I enjoy!!!!

So jack of all trades master of none!!!! And loving every minute of it!!!

The first week of April is just about done so I figured it was time to check in and see how I am doing on my monthly goals.

1. April mileage goal I have completed 67.16 miles.  (Bare minimum for the month is 166.5 but I am aiming for 191.5). In crushing this goal thus far!

2. Running goal.  I have only run 2.32 miles of the 20 I am aiming for.   I should have at least 5 by now.  But plenty of time left!

3. Lose weight.    I weighed myself in April first and then again on my official weigh in day.   It was exactly the same. So no change.

4.  I tracked every bite!   My cheat day was really high though!   Other than that I was within my goal range.

And with my exercise calories factored into my totals it looks even better.

So I'm still working it....tracking, running, biking, hiking and whatever else my heart desires!!!!