Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Bump in the Road

I am soooo not impressed with the numbers on the scales.  NOT impressed at all.  Tomorrows official weigh in is NOT looking good.  I'm up a pound or two.   It's infuriating.   But just making me dig my heels and in. I'm telling myself that I CAN do this and that I WILL do it!

Running outside is a DEFINITE no go right now.  Half of the sidewalks are not cleared around the area....when they are cleared it is usually a narrow path.  The roads are still mostly single lane.  And that is going to keep me grounded for a bit.   Yes, I have a membership at Planet Fitness...but I am struggling with the bitter cold and now the possible icy mornings.....Yeah, that's not a valid excuse!

The good news?  I have been tracking EVERYTHING!   I'm not way off on my calories (well except for the weekend) so not I need to sit back and focus on changing the 'type' of calories I'm eating.....beef up the fruits and veggies.....and cut down the carbohydrates.  Good bye bread and pasta.   WAAAAAHH

The other thing?  I'm going to pound the water for the next few days. Maybe some of this weight things is water retention related.