Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sniff sniff sniff

I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing.   My appetite has been in the toilet ever since I got sick (ha ha ha, I guess pun the toilet...ha ha ha).  I am hungry but jut haven't been able to eat much.  Until today.   I am absolutely famished today.   I'm working to try to contain my levels of food intake, but seriously....I'm hungry! 

The scales have been kind to me.  I'm hoping that I can hold on to the weight that I've been showing for the last 4 days.  If I can, I will have recouped all my weight gain from last week and then added onto it.  That would be SPLENDID!   I've been consistently weighing at 210.   That would be better than splendid.   That would put me within spitting distance of onederland.  Holy cow!

I've been really lax about my workouts this week.  Oh wait, that's mainly because I was sick...and then up even through Friday I just felt wiped out and worn out.  Yesterday was the first day I felt remotely normal.    I got a short burst of light exercise in this morning and I've  worked around the house.  My plan is to get rolling tomorrow.  Nothings going to stop me now...I can smell the one hundreds and it smells mighty fine!