Sunday, July 05, 2015

No turning back now!!!!

Wow...I went out running...on a the rain.   Kinda impressive!!!!!

It was a rough run.  I got there and I really seriously contemplated redoing week 5 day 2 of my run....but then I figured that I was just afraid of that 20 minute straight run.    I should have listened to my two had been really rough and day three of week 5 dost go well.   Not well at all, my legs were tight and hurt.   It was bad and at about 14 minutes in I walked for a few yards and then gathered my courage and willpower to run again....but by minute 16 I was DONE.    So I'm going to go back and run day two again.  I'll get this!!!

I did register for the Philadelphia RNR 1/2 marathon...October 31 is the do or die date.  Hotel is booked and everything.   Only thing left?  Training!   There is no backsies or outs...I went non-refundable on both the registration and hotel!!!!

I didn't run legs were tight and achy and I needed the rest day.  So my friend and I headed into Virginia and hit up some museums and did some shopping and had a good meal out.   My legs...ouch!!!!!!!

Seriously, I should have bought the glasses right??????