Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Madness

Ok, I was going to post some handy dandy picture today..but decided to hold off on least for now....maybe later. :-)

This morning I did the baking that I needed to do. Todd has a meeting that he is going to tomorrow night and volunteered to bring desserts. Uhhh yeah....that means MF bakes. No, I can't even imagine buying something.....not when I love to bake. So I did end up eating a bit of stuff this morning. But all in all, I didn't nibble or taste test too many things! I packaged up everything for Todd and brought the leftovers to work today. :-)

I also got on the exercise bike! WOO HOOO! Rode an hour! Todd mentioned that he'd like to go for a walk tonight. I sure hope so. One because I love the crisp coolness and colors of fall. Secondly because that would give me an hour or so of extra activity. And thirdly, because I haven't taken a picture yet today for my 365 project!

Slowly but surely, I'll get back on track!!!!