Friday, August 22, 2008

Postive influence

Have I managed to positively influence my co-workers? We are having a birthday party celebration today. I had talked them into doing fruit and veggies. I brought some healthy fruit dips and such and then everyone brought in fruit and veggies (and another gal brought in the veggie dip). We did have one gal bring in a cake...NOT a huge sheet cake (over kill for an office where we only have 6 workers....and that's what we used to get..yikes...we had cake coming out of our ears) but a normal 9 inch cake! When I came in I did notice that there were some 'non-healthy' things there....chips had managed to make it to the table...and who knows what else. But you know's better than previous potlucks! WHEW! I can actually eat at this one!!!!

My weight, down a hair this morning....still up...but going back down...and I'm at the top end of that 5 pound range that my body seems to I'm glad to be going back down!

Nothing much else to say. I think I have to do more green beans this weekend. Who knows what else!