Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend reporting

We ended up not eating at the spanish restaurant yesterday. The plan is now to go on Wednesday. Regardless of the change...I feel as if I still managed my food really well yesterday.

Bowl of cold cereal (measured)
FF milk (basically enough to wet my I am not a milk fan)

Turkey sandwich (with lots of lettuce, onions and tomatoes)
Green Beans
Diet coke (yeah, I splurged...this is a splurge for me now)

Roasted potatoes
green beans (a staple in my life)
cooked carrots
apple slices
cottage cheese with a dollop of homemade apple butter on top

Scoop of fat free frozen yogurt

Water Consumption:
roughly 60-64 ounces (My water jug was not quite empty)

So I feel as if I did really well. The kicker....I was all excited yesterday because my weight was 201.2 on Saturday and yesterday it was back to 200.8......well today it's back to 201.2. Go figure.

I wish it would have gone down...but I'm not upset. I did exactly what I wanted to do this weekend. I managed my eating. I didn't go hog wild. ANd consequentially, I'm not starting my 'week' at the same place that i started the beginning of last week. Even at my 'higher weight' today, I'm still down more than 2 pounds from last week! So all in all it's a success! Now to keep adding to that success!

I'm planning on going to a weight watcher meeting tonight. Planning. I've got to check to make sure that they haven't cancelled that meeting or moved the time. (it happens). I'm kinda dreading it...becuase that means that I have to face the truth and show ANOTHER gain! Yes, even though I've done good in the last week, I haven't been to a meeting since early to mid January. And I'll have to show a gain at tonights meeting. The only good thing......I'll show a gain tonight and then I can work to not show a gain again! But as much as I dread it...I know that I just need to do it!

*****Update- glad I checked, they moved the Monday night meeting time. Not by much but enough that it would still work, but would just be more iffy for me to get there from week to week. SOOOOO my new plan. Thursday evening....and if that doesn't work with my schedule, then I can also make a Friday morning meeting. Each of those meetings are led by the same leader...which also happens to be the leader that I actually was under when I originally reached my goal. :-)