Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Stepped onto the scales this morning and holy cow!  My weight is almost back to where it was a week and a half ago.  What's up with that??????   I did eat dinner late....and I had popcorn after sodium city.  Who knows.  I'm not going to let it derail me.  I'm going to truck on with what I'm doing and not let it get to me.  Eat right, follow the plan and exercise my freakin' butt off (literally.....haa haa haa).

Made it to zumba last night.  It kicked my butt.  My knees were hurting and I just felt sluggish.  I think the knees are because of the rapidly changing weather and the RAIN.  Both of those things are murder on the old arthritic knees.  So what did I do in regards to zumba?  I kept on and didn' let my knee pain stop me.  Was I careful with some of my movements?  Of course!  Did I let it derail me?  NO NO NO!

I'm really seriously contemplating doing a double tonight at zumba. A double meaning back to back classes.....2 straight hours of cardio.  Doesn't that sound fun????