Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Pushing onward: weight loss ups and downs

It was so difficult to go back to work after a four-day weekend. But alas, the bills need to be paid so both of us went back to work on Tuesday. We had a great weekend though!

We stayed busy over the weekend. And more specifically we tried to stay active. On Saturday we headed south and went to our favorite little hotel. It is an old 1950s Motel with a small pool. The pool water felt fabulous! We swam or at least treaded water for about 40 minutes. 

On Sunday and Monday both, we went to a bike trail and went mountain biking. 

Both of those days were incredible for different reasons. On Sundays ride I actually was on a trail that I loved doing! (I’ve done it before but this time it was actually joyous!). Sure, there were a few spots that were more difficult but for the most part I just had fun! Monday was a bit more difficult with my legs still recovering from the previous days ride.  But, I still attempted ‘the hill’. There is a hill on a fire road that I have been trying to make it to the top every time we bike in that area.   I try it every time we are there.  My theory is that I will improve every time!   Typically, I make it to about the same spot or maybe one bike length further up the hill… It really is slow progress, but I am persistent!  But something happened on our  Monday ride.   I don’t know what caused the change but I actually increased the distance that I climbed up that hill by about 30 to 50 feet! I was so over-the-top happy. I am still not even halfway up this hill, but I saw a huge leap in my progression!  Bring it on!!!!!

We celebrated Jason‘s birthday this weekend and even though I had showed a gain  on the scales for my official Friday weigh in,I am in this journey to live healthy....or in other words live my life but still make mostly healthy choices.  So yes, I did splurge on his birthday treat. Yes, it was a high calorie treat. One big splurge isn’t going to hurt me, I know that!   His choice? We got Cinnabon. I enjoyed every bite and I feel no regret. That was Saturday night and on Sunday night I bought a package of Reesie’s cups. I planned on just eating one cup that evening. I had calculated my calories and I had more than enough unused calories (remember a big bike ride...lots of earned calories). I was looking forward to my Reese‘s cup. But as I ate  my dinner, I begin to feel full. Oh, I still wanted the Reesie’s cup. However, I knew that I would enjoy it more if I actually wasn’t feeling so full. I also knew that I could have it any other night that I wanted (as long as I had the calories available) and, I knew that if Jason  ate it before I manage to get my Reesie‘s cup that I could just go to the store and buy another one. There was no reason for me to gobble up that Reesie’s cup , not when my body was telling me to stop eating. (And that package of Reece’s cups have yet to be opened!)  That is the epitome of living healthy!  I cut loose and lived this weekend....but I did it in moderation and I listened to my body!  Win!!!

I caved and listened to the weather reports and did not walk on Tuesday, nor did I walk anywhere.  I stayed at my desk like a slug!  Oops!

Yoga continues.   I didn’t do it over the weekend.  I just didn’t have the time...and my muscles got a good workout anyway!  It is still difficult for me but I am pushing through!  It’s going to get better right?  Ok, it had gotten better...I can see some things getting a bit easier!  But I’m still sweating like a roasting pig while I’m doing it!!!

So that is the update.  I’m waiting to see if my weight starts to drop.  It remained up all weekend (nope I showed no gain from the Cinnabon)...crossing my fingers that it starts to drop!  Please please please!!!  

The ups and downs of a weight loss journey.  That is how I would describe this past week or so!  It’s crazy but it is my journey!