Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The dreaded scales

Well, yesterday I ate really healthy. My calories were fat intake was low. I was actually fully satisfied. I actually didn't eat all of my food, I was so satisfied. So, I'm happy because my body is adjusting to a differnt syle of eating.

I've been getting on the scales everyday up to now. I know some people that say they weigh themselves everyday and some that say they only do it once a week. I guess I kinda like to know what I am doing....except for today. I've been kinda bummed because I was actually a bit heavier. However, I ate my cereal for breakfast and immediately felt ill, and have been in the bathroom a couple of maybe that could have been attributing to why my weight was a bit up.

we are planning on going to the gym tonight when Todd gets off work. That should help! :-)