Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I've been here!

Well, my month of 'trying it on my own' is technically up.  How did I do?   In the first two weeks I lost 6 pounds.  And then life went crazy.  Over the fourth of July weekend I pulled my back out.  I was literally FLAT and couldn't move at first.  HORRIBLE!  I'm STILL in pain and it's two weeks later. So the last two weeks I've not exercised at all....and ate the easiest food to find and prepare as standing upright was a challenge for quite a while...and I've regained 4 of those pounds.  So I AM down.    Will I be joining weight watchers.  I've pretty much decided yes. 

The back....i'm thinking that yes, the extra weight is causing some of the problems.  the back I'm sure would have been healed by now...BUT the garden is producing heavily and that means lots of hours i the kitchen canning....canning is hard work on the best of days.  As in after a big canning session my body just aches...so to START canning and already have an ache, that's just a recipe for disaster.....so my healing has been 2 steps forward one step back.  A constant push and pull.  But I WILL get there.

The weight WILL come off too.  This back issue is the icing on the cake.  I'm not sayign that the back wouldn't have gotten hurt if I wasn't ....well....fat.  But I know that when I was at my doctor approved goal weight that I didn't suffer from as many back aches and knee aches and whatnot.