Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Looking for the Rabbit in the Magicians Hat!

Yep, I pulled another one out of the proverbial hat. I was not expecting great things at this weigh in. The ick arrived a few days ago. I've actually felt bloated and icky. So I just thought that this weigh in wouldn't be that great. SOMEHOW, from somewhere, I pulled a 1.8 pound loss! Yes, a loss and a pretty decent sized one! How, I don't know. I do know that I ate decently. I'm not going to say that I ate well....I cheated a few times. However, since I really don't use my flex points each week (officially that is.....I'm sure I use them for all those BLT ~~bites licks and tastes~~ and all those things that I miscalculate or the portion sizes that I get wrong...). The other thing that I did right was exercise. I exercised 6 days out of the last 7 days. (And even on my day off from exercise I did a heck of a lot of walking).

I'm facing the reality that there is a good chance that I won't make my Christmas Goal of being under 200 pounds by Christmas or at least New Years. I do however think I'll be extemely close to my goal by that time. I think I may only need a week or so longer to reach that goal...therefore I'm leaving it stand. To actually reach the goal by Christmas I would need to lose 2.05 pounds. To reach it by New Years it was something like 1.79 pounds.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Another Weigh in!

I debated long and hard about whether to go to my weight watchers meeting tonight. No, I wasn't contemplating quitting, I was worried about this weigh in. I thought about going and taking my free pass so I wouldn't have to be weighed in. I finally did chose to just bite the bullet, pay the piper and weigh in.

You see, this week was stressful. At the beginning my husband and I were frantic because we bought something sight unseen that we were responsible for picking up and moving from a second floor loft in NYC (greenwich village to be exact) and getting it down to our recording studio. Stress was running just a tad bit high, let me tell you. On Thursday we jumped in our car with a few friends and caravaned up to NYC with a van full of some more friends. It is a 5 hour trip. We were in the city for about 2-3 hours getting this monster (8 feet long and weighing about 800-1000 pounds) out of this second story loft and into the van that we had brought to haul it. Then a 5 hour trip home...one that was stretched longer due to the driving rain that we had to travel through. Once home, we then had to unload the monster. It was just a joy. Why I mention it....I ate convience store food during that whole trip! I actually didn't do too badly though. I would have preferred more fruits and veggies but I didn't do to bad considering!

FOllowing that trip, we had a 2 day rest and then back in the car to go on a little mini vacation that we had planned months ago. We went to Lancaster Co PA....land of good, yummy, heavy, comfort style foods. I am proud of myself. I made healthier choices than I have during previous visits to that area. HOwever, I know I still could have done better in the eating department. I also had made sure that we were staying in a hotel that had an indoor pool and a fitness center. I utilized both fo them. I swam for exercise in the pool and went to the fitness center every day! AND worked out hard in the fitness center!

I would say my biggest problem of the week....I didn't get my water. I aim for 1/2 my body weight in ounces each day. But, I'm happy if I reach the 64 ounce mark! For probably mroe than half of this week....and most specifically these last 3-4 days before the weigh in (oh yes, we got back from vacation and my weigh in was literally 2 hours after we got home). BUt the biggest problem was the lack of water....these last few days I've probably not even hit the 30 ounce mark of water. Can we say water retention. I also was stupid and ordered chipped beef gravy for breakfast. Not the greatest thing point wise...but managable. However, I wasn't even thinking of the sodium.....can we say water retention again???

So, how did I do. I know you are dying to know! Well, I went and I told myself that I was expecting to gain. I was thinking about 5 pounds! I had decided that I would be ok with anywhere up to a 5 pound gain. Well, I actually started to cheer when I heard my weight. I only gained 1 pound! That should be easily corrected with just getting my water/sodium consumption back in line! Woo hoooo!

So there you have it.....I am actually cheering over a gain!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Weigh In

I did it! I got my 25 pounds lost magnet! Yep, I lost 1.4 pounds! I'm excited. I'm happy that I am still losing decent weight each week! ALthough, I'm exercising pretty religiously!

In fact, yesterday was my off day for exercise...meaning I wasn't going to exercise at all. Well, I ate my dinner and I sat here at the computer...feeling awful. Just full (not sick) but just yucky. I knew what my body was demanding.....activity! So, up I got and I exercised for an hour. Felt great when I was done! That's kinda weird for me..the queen of not exercising.

The other thing that happened this week. Todd and I met mom outside of her work and dropped off some clothes for her to go through (they are too big for me..and whatever she doesn't want she is goign to take to The Rescue mission or goodwill.) Well, I was waiting for her and was doing a bit of a hop/sashay or something. I didn't think anything of it. APparently mom did. She told me last night that she went home and told dad that they are getting their daughter back...the daughter that they remembered from years ago. She told me that and I just looked at her and said, "It's hard to do those things and be peppy when you weigh just shy of 300 pounds". This 75-80 pounds really does make a difference. AND...just watch out when I hit my goal!!!! WOo hooo...who knows what i'm gonna be like then!

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Yes, I'm worried. I'm worried because I peeked at the scales this morning and they don't seem to be moving at all! I That worries me. I'm doing everything I should be doing. I'm exercising and eating right. I keep telling myself not to stress about it at all. Give it time. I actually still have almost 4 whole days until my next weigh in, so it isn't as if I'm giving it a lot of time. I've thought about getting a GOOD digital scale. That way I could see those .? pounds. Not just the rough "oh the dial is somewhere around..." Oh who knows! Meanwhile, I've gotta stop stressing.

FIgured it out though. I have to lose an average of 1.55 pounds to be in onederland by Christmas. If I want to do it by Thanksgiving it would be roughly 3 pounds a week (6 weigh ins left). Yes, I know the Thanksgiving goal would be a pretty difficult one to beat! But, it is there in the back of my mind. I would at least like to be below 210 pounds by Thanksgiving. That is 8 pounds down. Like I said..there are 6 weigh ins so that would be really nice.

Todd and I are planning on going to the MD Rennaisance Festival tomorrow. I"m looking forward to it. We haven't been able to attend in a couple years. BOOO HOooo. So it will be lots of fun. HOwever, I'm a bit concerned about the food. THe food there is SOOOOO good. Turkey legs.....soup in bread bowls...shall I continue? My tenative plan is to take my backpack purse and have some snacks in my purse to eat. (100 cal pack and grapes and whatever else I can think of). Then I will 'splurge' on one food item at the fair! We'll see. At least we will be doing a ton of walking while we are there!

Oh well!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I'm pretty happy with my weigh in this week. Obviously, a loss is excellent. However, after my previous weeks gain I just wasn't sure how I had done when I entered that room. Even better, I weigh myself in the morning and yesterday morning my home scales showed one thing and then this morning they were another two pounds less! Woooo.. I don't know about this. But I'll take whatever I can get!

I'm so looking forward to The Biggest Loser tv show tonight! It helps keep me focused on what I am doing I think!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Yes, I've been quiet. That doesn't mean that I haven't been working on this weight loss thing. Quite the quantrary. I've been working hard. So hard in fact that I posted a 2.2 pound loss this week. That takes my loss to 24.4 pounds! In fact, I made my 10% goal tonight! I was quite excited about it!

I haven't done anything differently this week. Simply eating right and lots of activity! Even though some days I may have eaten more or not the right foods. I feel that I have made healthier choices for myself....healthier than I would have previously made!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Weekly Weigh In

Well, if you hadn't noticed...I've not jumped on to dance and announce my great weigh in. I was so close to my 10% goal...I wanted it so bad! Have you picked up on the doom and gloom yet??? Well, I gained .2 pounds. Thank heavens there was a decimal point before that two! I'm not overly upset about the virtual maintain. And yes, even though it showed a gain, can .2 really be considered a gain. That could be the difference between a pair of socks...or a pair of pants. Maybe I was wearing an extra ring or necklace. Yes, it is technially a gain. But I'm not upset.

I am upset that I didn't make my goal. I think it was the montly water gain that messed me up (which prompted me to eat all the good yummy fattening foods that one day). But, regardless of what caused my small gain, I'm upset because I was so determined to get to that goal. I worked out. I ate right. I did all the things correct. And it just wasn't good enough.

Well...that said. I'm not letting it bother me (too much). I'm just refocusing and working on this week. I can only take one day at a time. I can't stress about what is already done. I know I ate well (with the exception of that one day). I'm just continuing to eat in that fashion!

That said.....I've been exercising in the morning AND the evening. Trying to get at least one hour in!

The Biggest Loser! I just wanted to beat those girls upside the head during the 'voting session'. Yes, I know this is a game...but to call Ken a Bastard because he didn't bend to their wishes. They also made it abundantly clear during that session that they don't care about him...they only care that a girl loses it. Have they not gotten the concept of teamwork. Teamwork is the only way that ANY of the red team will make it to the final!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I received an email from a friend this morning. In it, she talked about her day and then remarked about a program/challenge that her company was doing. It was one of the 10,000 step challenges. She mentioned that she was going to have to say goodbye, so she could go to the 'kick off breakfast'. She also mentioned how worried she was...because a company supplied breakfast could and many times DOES mean an eating landmine! She mentioned how she was going to have to remain strong if the choices were not good. She, and I...both thought that a breakfast kickoff for a HEALTH challenge was kinda ironic. From this email I realized how society is so programmed to feed feed feed. If you have a meeting around breakfast time..you either get breakfast...or at least donuts. Even a mid afternoon big meeting will net a cookie or two. In a company that I recently worked for. If the employees did something that the company deemed good....they catered in lunch. The thank us for working overtime to help through hurricane season (when all other sites were closed) they feed us pizza. They gave out candy as a thank you. Our society is programed to reward with food. I need to get out of this mental programming.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sad Sunday

Well...the ick (TOM) came and went this week. I wisely stayed away from the scales during that time. This morning I awoke and knowing the ick was past...I jumped on the scales....ready to see how my week had been. I was excited...afterall, I had been totally on target with everthing that I had done this week. I'd eaten within my allowance of foods...I'd exercised religiously...I was doing great. UNTIL I looked at the scales........2 pounds up! ARRGGHHHH I told myself that it could be my scales...afterall, I know that they are not the most reliable scales....I also told myself that it could have been residual fluid retention from the ick. Who knows. I swallowed my disappointment and headed off for my day. After church Todd and I had an hour and a half before we needed to be somewhere. The end of town that we were in didn't boast too many options for lunch. I decided to go for broke. I was craving pizza...and since my numbers were already blown...why the heck not! So, Pizza we had. I am proud to say that I was able to pass up the buffet (I'm a sucker for the cinnamon bread sticks...I can eat them by the pound...not to mention slice of pizza after slice of pizza). So getting the dinner for two...AND thin crust was/is actually a step in the right direction. I also didn't put cheese on my salad! :-) BUT...the half pizza that I did eat...uhhh,mm...not good. :-) I didn't eat until I was sick though. SOooo off we went on our day. We spent a good deal of time at the nursing home with Todd's grandmother...went to Lowes and Sam's Club. The original plan had been to come home and eat a nice light meal (I was planning on a salad topped with grilled chicken...nice, easy and light!). Well...it was late when we got done at the last place....so we stopped at this phenominal little roadside joint (the owner has been a client of ours at the studio)...Red Neck Ribs. I can happily say that at least I didn't eat the bread/roll. But I had a beef brisket sandwich. It came with a bag of chips...UTZ, which I sadly did eat. And I had half an order of baked beans. NOt exactly weight watchers friendly.

So I come home...exercise for 45 minutes. I actually stopped because I dont' feel so well. I don't know if it is the guilt that is eating me up...or something else! Probably guilt.....poor Todd....in the middle of my workout, I dissoved into tears. Not so much that I ate poorly but that and the combination of the scales showing a weight gain. It's just frustrating!

Who knows how my Tuesday night weigh in will go!