Monday, November 12, 2007


YEsterday I had to chuckle. A week or so ago, mom, dad and I were out for lunch together. Every time I stood up, I had to hitch up my pants. They weren't in danger of falling off...but they just didn't fit right anymore...starting to get loose...woo hooo! Mom was like, "put on a belt girl". I just laughed and said...SURE, If I had one. She looked at me and was like, "you've got belts" I had to answer and explain to her that yeah, I do have belts....ones that I wore when I was 300 plus pounds. I put them on now...and they wrap around me practically the whole way! So yesterday we were waiting in line at American Eagle Outfitters to pay. We saw the belts and just for giggles, I decided to try them on. The Large was way too big. (What???) So I tried on the S-M Yeah, it fit...with room to's not on the last hole or anything! I was laughing...I held up the belt and showed mom the size. Not that I'm even a solid medium yet....but it is a SMALL-MEDIUM! Yeah, I bought it....I liked it before I put it on. :-) Yeah, I'm saving the sizing tab to put in my scrapbook with the pages that chronicle my weight loss!

Weight loss....Yeah, I'm up! ARRGGHHH. I know it's the monthly 'ick'. There is no reason my weight would jump like that. Frustrates me to no end!

Mom and I are going out again today to do some shopping. Quite honestly, I"m REALLY hoping to get almost totally done with my shopping today! I know what I'm getting mom for Christmas AND her birthday......figured that out yesterday while shopping at the mall with her. I still need to get dad his birthday and some Christmas. But it would be splendid if I could pretty much finish up the kids and Cindy (still need a birthday gift for her!) Ok....I know I'm early for Christmas (ok, earlier than the average person). But my word....they put up Christmas decorations around here on the first of November!!!! Is it like that where you are at???? Yesterday at the mall they were playing CHristmas music! What's up with that. We shouldn't see that stuff, or hear it, until Thanksgiving!!!!!! What the hey?!?!?!?!?!?!? At least this year I don't have to have my gifts bought, wrapped and ready to present at Thanksgiving. This is our year to celebrate at Christmas! Speaking of past years, mom has gone all out for both holidays. Even though it's only me for Thanksgiving. She invites people....and whatnot. That's a nice thing...but when you do both of the huge meals, one it gets expensive (ok, mom has historically asked tons of people) but also it is almost two much...too close together. So this year, Todd and I are taking his uncle out for Thanksgiving (to a restaurant) and mom and dad are joining us. It will kinda be nice to not have to do the work. However, I'll admit that there is something special about the house all filled with holiday cooking smells! :-)