Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Made it to the gym today. It felt really good to work out there. I find that a fair amount of the time I tend to workout more vigorously when I'm at the gym. Go figure. I guess my mental thoughts are more focused in the gym...and I'm not thinking about breakfast that I just ate/or will soon eat. OR the christmas tree that is twinkling at me. Or whatever.... who knows why!

I did snitch a little bit of cookie dough. However, I chewed my gum through 95% of the cookie making time. I took the gum out when I was ready to sample the cookie dough and I didn't sample the cookie dough until I only had my sample left out of the whole batch! Tomorrow night I'll decorate my cookies and make my bouquets and then on Friday morning I"ll take them up to mom's house. I don't know if Todd can go up with me on Friday morning. BUT, I'm thinking of trying to make it to the gym on Friday morning! I also checked..the gym is open on Christmas Eve from 8AM to 4 PM. So we are going to try to make it to the gym on Christmas Eve.

I've already talked to Todd....after Christmas Dinner when things are boring around the house...I asked him if we could take our gloves/hats and warm clothes and go for a nice long walk. Up near mom's house is actually a neat place to walk in town. Lots of grand old houses...and they are usually decorated really nicely! SOOOOO at least I'll get some activity in! I'm also going to try to remember to eat off of a small plate! I think I"ll eat less if I use a small plate versus a mammoth hoggish big plate. I'm hoping that that works for me!