Thursday, August 21, 2008


Ok, so I binged last night on my eating. What's up with me? Why did I want to continue to eat after dinner? Ok, wrong question...not why did I want to. I know that answer. I wanted to because I'm totally addicted to food. The question is....why did I give in to my desire? Lets see.....a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, about 1 serving of baked tortilla chips, a weight watcher sunday bar, some pickles....hmmm I'm thinking I missed something.....but you get the point! I ATE! I probably had the points for one thing (the sundae cup) . OH yes....not one but TWO 100 calorie packs also went down the hatch last night!

Ok, does it help to know that the 100 cal packs that I dove into last night are GONE GONE GONE! No temptation left there! I guess that's a good thing! (and in case you want to was the chocolate covered pretzel 100 cal packs.....bad bad bad thing to have in the house!)

Yes, I exercised this morning. At least there is something positive!