Friday, March 13, 2020

Focus on the good

It is no secret.  The scales are beating me up! The numbers just do not correlate with my efforts!  It is frustrating to no end!

Years ago when I was actually consistently losing I could eat something and I knew exactly what the scales were going to do and say!  I would eat and there was a direct and correlating reaction on the scales...good or bad!  This time around there seems to be no rhyme or reason!  I eat something that should cause me to gain/retain water and I drop on the scales! But conversely, I eat a piece of lettuce and the scales go up by 10 pounds!  (Ok, maybe not 10...but you get the idea!)

It’s frustrating!

So I am going to focus on not the number on the scale (ha right..I talk big but I still weigh myself every day!).  Instead I am going to start focusing on ‘one thing I did for me today that was healthy!’   If I focus on making those healthy changes...the weight WILL fall off!

It sounds like a good plan to me!!!!