Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Madness

Ok, my weight was down a few ounces. SO I feel much better about my day yesterday. It wasn't down by much...but it was down by a bit...and that's what counts!

Got a nice long ride in this morning. 19.7 miles. My knee is still acting up....but I'm simply working through the pain. Ate wisely for breakfast and lunch (an egg and cheese sandwich..and with my ingredients....3 points). A salad (three points), strawberries and a small banana for lunch. I'm making chili for I'll be in good shape point wise. This week is just a terribly busy week. I think I've worked it out that I'll be able to get to a meeting. I'm kinda worried..because I won't be at my normal meeting...and attendance has fallen WAY off at that in it's probably in danger of being closed. BUT, I can't worry about the fact that I'm not goign to that meeting this week. I need to focus on ME and what I can do, and which meeting I can most reasonably go to. (I could go to my normal meeting, but it would require me to either make two trips to town thus wasting gas. OR go into town at lunchtime and stick around town pretty much doing nothing until my normal meeting at 7PM). For me, missing more than one meeting in a row is not an option. I know that for me, I need to go to meetings. ANd I realize that I will most likely need to regularly attend meetings the rest of my life. My plan is to make an effort to attend weekly even after I hit lifetime.

Well, the mower saga. I called the repair place and got the run around once again. And when they finally called me back, they made it clear that they A. think troybilt is a pain and B. don't consider me their customer. IN their words, "You have to understand, we contract this stuff." have my mower...that makes me your customer. Just because the money is coming from someone else..I'm ultimately your customer! Well, of course I got off the phone with them and turned right around to call Lowes (the place I bought the mower from and the people that I purchased the service plan from). They are going to see what I can do. They also told me that they have a fix it fast program...the mower should have been returned to me within 3 weeks of my first call. HELLO....this company didn't even pick it up until 2 weeks after my call. And that was three weeks ago....we are talking 5 weeks! least I"m going to get a $50 reimbursment for having someone else have to mow my yard (since it's been over three weeks) This is just nutty!

Lets see I also called the insurance company that holds our homeowners policy. Before we moved in we only had minimal insurance on the contents of this place. Well, now that we are living here, we have tons more stuff in we are GROSSLY under-insured for contents for this place. We need to get that fixed ASAP. I called and they said that they 'could' do it over the phone but would prefer not Todd and I are going to head in there on Wednesday and get that done.

Ok, researched the cancellation thing with my monthly pass for weight watchers. I had looked and realized that they bill me on the seventh of each month. SO I was gung ho to cancel by that time, to avoid being billed again. I had calculated that I would have just enough time on my current pass to make lifetime. But I read the paperwork that they gave me when I signed up. They will refund if you make lifetime apparently. So I may delay cancelling it a bit. I guess I"m just nervous about cancelling it until I know that I'm not going to need it. It's kinda my safety net!

What is it with Todd and I???? Is there any particular reason why we've had such incredibly bad luck this year? We are almost exactly at midpoint in the year. Will that be the turning point to our year??? Or are we going to have a full year of this crap???????

I was talking to Todd and wanting to get a different bike...a road bike. His words were to start checking out these used sporting goods places. Good idea! I was looking at road bikes last night. My oh my......I saw some that I was literally drooling over. The drool dried up when I saw the price tag though. :-) I've always said I want to eventually get a recumbant bike also...for 'cruisin'. Oh to actually have enough money to get what I want, instead of dreaming!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sitting with my leg elevated

Well...between the two rides I got in today, I logged 34.2 miles. I'm happy with that! I probably shouldn't have ridden that much. I'm really suffering. ON Saturday while at work, I went to move and whacked my knee against the panic button underneath my desk. NO, I didn't set off the alarm (although that would have been funny). I felt that terrible pain for a few minutes. (you know...the pain like when you hit your funny bone). But it passed relatively quickly or so I thought. BUT, when I stood up and went to move...eii yiii yiiil......hurts hurts hurts. I do feel as if it just irritated the good old that's what the pain feels like. AND I've had a few instances where my knee has just buckled under me. I haven't had that not so pleasant experience since about 100 pounds ago. I just want to lay around with my knee propped up becaues that helps ease the pain. However, I didn't do that all day....just NOW. Beyond logging 34.2 miles today. I reorganized the screened in porch (I had moved everything to finish painting the floor yesterday). Oh yes, the screened in porch is now truely screened in again! WOO HOOO! I got a bit of chipping done also...before the rain at least!

Now for the bad part. I've been sooo hungry today. I'm hoping that all my miles and my outdoor work. (and even this morning, I was moving at the grocery store and then at home while I took care of all that) is the reason my body was demanding food and that it won't show on the scales tomorrow. I hate this part of weight loss!!!!!!!

Speaking of weight loss...I"m goign to go on to cancel my monthly pass tonight. I just got my renewal card...and I"m paid up until July 21. That is on a Monday. If I go in on MOnday the 21st instead of my normal Tuesday night weigh in that week, I SHOULD meet my lifetime goal that night....that would be the 6th week of maintenance. And if I don't make it on the 21'st...I can simply pay for that last meeting.....or if I have to...last two or three meetings! As long as it is only 2 or three meetings I'll be ok. But if it segued into more than three, I'd be losing money. OK, I just checked my credit card statement...they bill it on the 7th of the month. I"ll wait until a day or so before that....that way I'll have another weigh in under my belt and I'll also be right around the corner from yet another weigh I'll be reasonably sure how that one will go. :-)
My weight was up a bit this morning. But I pretty much expected it. We went out to dinner with mom and dad last night. And while I ate sensibly there, I did come home and sample (ok, I ate) one of the chocolate muffins that I made for my husband (at his request). That pushed me over my points for the day. So it pushed me from 177.2 to 178.4 Not a big deal...I'll get it back problems.

This morning I got up early and read a bit in bed. I then headed to town and ran into Lowes to get one or two things for Todd and then into the grocery store. I brought everything home and I spent the time washing, chopping, slicing and separating everything. My salad 'mix' that I create is ready for me this week. My fruits are washed and in some cases sliced. I made homemade croutons from my low cal high fiber bread. And the ice cream is divied up into the 1/2 containers for this week. I'll admit to tasting the Bryers Cookies and Cream Ice cream. 2 points for 1/2 cup! YUMMY! After everything was put away and the kitchen cleaned.....I headed for the exercise bike. Gotta get in my ride! Shortly I'll be heading to eat my lunch....a salad! YUMMY!

Hopefully I'll be able to get some work done around the house outside this afternoon!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Ramblings

177.2 This morning I've once again hit uncharted territory in my weight loss journey. Yes, 177.2 is the lowest I have ever been since I was a teen...or whenever I hit that weight on the way up.

I'm pretty tickled about my weight this morning. However, I can't get too excited. Why you say? Well, because I feel miserable! I woke up in the middle of the night not feeling well. And this morning when the alarm went off I all of a sudden realized the most probable reason why my body has been craving sleep so much. It's been fighting off getting sick. And apparently last night, it gave it up. Right now my main complaint is that my throat hurts like a demon. I feel washed out and just out of it...I can deal with that though. I have no congestion of anything like that. We'll see how this shakes out. I just don't have time to be sick! Not this week.....tee hee I have a choice of when I get sick.

Even not feeling well this morning, I got on the bike. As I got on I made a conscious decision to ride and not worry about the odometer or whatever. I just wanted to get "something" in on the exercise log. My first thought was back to April when I had a sinus issue.....I stopped exercising that week. I don't want to do that. So I decided that even if I do light rides or light workouts that I would be happy with myself. SO I rode for 27 minutes. I was actually shocked, because I assumed it would be about 4-5 miles. I actually knocked out 6.89 miles in that 27 minutes. Not my normal pace...but definitely nothing to sneeze at.

Well, I work this morning. After work I'm coming home and hopefully I'll be able to get the porch painting finished this afternoon. Todd has a friend that will be over here helping him wiht the insulation under the house today. So I'll have to run and pick up lunch for them before I can start working myself. And tempting as it will be to pick myself up a sub when I pick up theirs, I have already written down my lunch foods into my journal and I'm planning on sticking with it. I'll be eating mostly fruits and veggies for lunch :-)

A while back I was looking at biking events and such. I talked to Todd and with everything that's going on this year, I knew that I didn't have the time to train for one this year. But there are some out there that I SOOO badly want to do. The Covered Bridges ride looked like something I would LOVE. Not to mention the fall ride in Staunton, VA. BUT, yesterday I was introduced to a different kind of ride. It's not a race.....but it raises money for a really good cause....cancer. Which many people in my family has battled, and some has lost the battle (go dad....cancer free now for 9 years!) The 24 hours of Booty sounds SOOO interesting. Basically you go to this event and they have a track/path/route set aside, no traffic in which you ride for 24 hours. You are not required to ride the complete 24 hours, you ride what you want to ride..and what you can ride. I'm really tempted to ride in it this year....even though it will be a bit close for me to get my fundraising done in time. I've already run it by a co-worker (my manager) and she seemed interested in getting a team together for next years ride. (that way we can get our employer involved as a sponsor for our team!) I may go for it myself this year...however I need to get my bike fixed...I'm having a problem with one tier of gears. It's been on my list of stuff to do, I just haven't gotten around to it...and meanwhile, when I ride that bike, I just ride without that tier of gears. LOL Makes me work harder..tee hee hee Actually, if I'd start to do these rides, I'd have to invest in a road bike. My hybrid would be ok, but a road bike would be better. :-) Ahhh expensive hobbies. Well...maybe hybrid is now 7 years old......and still going strong except for that gear issue (and that gear issue is because I was stopped on a trail at one point and my dearest husband ran into me and bent up my rerailer...yeah, I just need a new rerailer).

Oh well......I'm going to keep myself on my pace of training and see what happens! :-)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Drastic drop

WOO HOOOO! Man, I knew that sodium could wreak havoc...and I knew that the ick did the same thing...both in the name of water retention. BUT I've never been stupid enough to pair the two together. Until last weekend! Well, in defense of myself, I wasn't expecting the ick for another week. But, woah, my weight jumped up about 3 pounds! ANd nothing I could do would get it down. I admit that during that time I did snack a bit more than normal. BUT nothing out of control....and still right around my point range (using maybe one or two flex points per day). SOOOO this morning when I stepped on the scales and that weight was just magically GONE! Whew, what a relief! There is nothing more troubling than seeing your weight jump.

Morning ride is in....16.1 miles. I've been quite productive since my ride. I've sat and entered foods onto the fitday program. With my points that I currently get with weight watchers, I'm eating about 1300 calories. That is good. I'm happy with that. I'm curious though....because weight watchers will keep having me drop my points and I know that everything I've ever read says do not go below 1200 calories. So I want to keep a close eye on that! I've also sat down and created my menu for next weeks meals. I've checked the cabinets for what we have and made up the grocery list. AND while looking to see what we had, I cleaned and organized the cupboards! And I've still got an hour before I need to leave for work! WOO HOOOO!

On to other news. Todd told me last night that he went ahead and called the non-emergency police number yesterday. WHen I asked why, I flipped out! Turns out that he has been receiving calls from a guy that is insisting that Todd work with him. Now number one, he doesn't work with the type of music that this guy is into, for two he doesn't like that style and secondly the typical musicians in stereotypically in the genre are very disrespectful and just out of control. So he has turned the guy down and actually referred him to a recording studio that actually does work with that style of music. Well this guy has continued to insist and badger and apparently yesterday it came down to death threats!! WHAT????? Someone has made death threats against my husband????? They actually made some of the threats via email. Our only recourse at this time.....print the emails and notate everything and get it up to the police station to have on file in case this guy does something. OHhh yeah, I feel comforted! Yes, I know that most likely this kid (he is in his late teens early 20's) is blowing smoke and just threatening. However, there is no way to know for sure! Yeah, I"m not comforted. Ahhh life....isn't it grand?????

Thursday, June 26, 2008

STarting the downward thrust! least my weight went down a little bit this morning. It WAS 181.6. Today it was 181.4. I've been a very good girl thus far today. In fact, I still have about 2 points left for my day...and it's as long as I can chew away on my gum (to keep me from wanting to actually eat food), I'll be good as gold! WOO HOO. Lets hope that the scales show something positive tomorrow!

Last night Todd and I were watching tv together, laying on the couch. We both fell asleep at around 7:30 to 8 PM. Todd woke me up at 9 so that we could go to bed. I stumbled to the bedroom and fell back asleep. I slept straight through until the alarm went off at 6AM. That is a LONG night's sleep. I got up and I got mad at myself because I should have set the alarm for 5:30.....because today was a long ride. I decided to go ahead with the longer ride and just make up the time difference in my morning preparations for work. SO, I took a shorter shower.....left my hair just a bit damper, rushed my breakfast along....and did my longer ride! Yeah me!!!!!!! I may try to jump on the exercise tonight.

Ok, exercising tonight isn't an option anylonger. As I was typing earlier, I heard a beep. My parents stopped by for a visit. Ok, I live out in the country..there is not 'stopping by' they drove down specifically to see me. SO it was a nice little visit. But now it's I'll be honest and say that exercise is a no go for me tonight. But hey, I rode this morning! WOO HOOO!

My job is starting to bore me to tears. The only reason I'm still ok at the job at this point is the fact that I can surf the internet, write, and read books all day! Why can I not find a job that I adore???

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A synopsis of my downward spiral

You know, I made it through Hershey Park with flying colors. I headed into the weekend strong...and on Saturday I ate foods REALLy high in sodium. My weight jumped. I was like, "I know why" so I wasn't really worried. Then Todd made plans to eat with friends at a CHINESE restaurant on Sunday....MORe sodium. (oh yeah, we worked outside a lot on Saturday and Sunday...hard to stay hydrated ANYWAY). Well...of course Chinese is a food that just doesn't stick to my bones. So even though I had no points 6:30 (we had eaten at like 4) I was STARVING! I ate and ate! Oh, I had a PB&J, some pretzels, a hundred calorie pack, a pudding cup, ohhh and a little bit of ice cream. Oh yeah, and the ick hit the same day! (A week early...what's up with this every three week thing???? I don't like it!) Since Sunday evening I've struggled with eating. I haven't done too badly. I've stayed relatively 'close' to my points. I've had one or two over each day. (yeah, those flex points are supposed to be there for such occaisions...but I don't lose if I eat to be me!) So my weight is UP UP UP! I didn't go to my weigh in this week........probably because I would have not been considered 'maintaining'.

This week....STRESS city. On Monday, todd had a front tire blow out on his car. Ended up buying 4 new tires. Then his pump on his coolant in his computer (basically his computer is cooled with antifreeze instead of fans) blew up....there goes another $100 (actually probably more when all said and done). AND last night we went out to work trying to get ready for our 4th of July party (actually it's on the 5th).....SOMETHING crawled under the house (in the crawlspace) and died! We started looking for it at 6AM this morning....and we ended up and had to call in a professional! $100 bucks more to find this HUGE cat and drag it away! What else??????

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A battle with the scales...and the scales won!

Faced the scales this morning, I did. Oh boy oh boy. Was I ever tickled to see the results. Oh yeah! (note the excessive sarcasm just oozing from my pores!) My weight....181.6! NOT at all looking for that. I was hoping that my weight had gone down a bit...even just a hair from Sunday's weigh in results! NOT up another half pound! I'll admit though that on top of the sodium issues, I cheated a bit last night....and uhhhhh the night before. I didn't do much...just one or two points above my daily allowance. They "SAY" it shouldn't affect's flex points I'm allowed to eat. However, I just can't seem to eat my flex points and still lose! Oh nose is to the grindstone. I'm gonna work this plan and get this weight OFF! There are no ifs ands or buts about it!

Rode the bike this morning.....30 minutes, 9 miles. Then Todd and I went out for a walk. We did about 2 miles. :-) The bad thing...we had gone to a place that I had wanted to photograph. Got there and my battery went dead after just a few pics. Yeah, my stupid fault for not having put the battery on the charger! I accept full responsibility!

Hopefully I can get my second round of activity in this evening. Twould be nice. I'll take whatever activity I can get!

Had read about a neat idea. Someone (sorry, can't remember who) wrote that they saved their old pudding cup containers and reused them to create individual portions of ice cream by dishing the ice cream into the cups, and then covering them with saran wrap or tin foil. That seemed like a grand idea to me. So I immediately started saving my cups. BUT as I was washing the first ones that I saved, I realized how incredibly flimsy they were. SOOOO on Sunday I checked out the storage container area at the store. I saw that Glad had 1/2 cup 'disposable' containers. I think they were on sale....$2 for a package of 8 containers. Now, I personally use the disposable containers as long as I can...and when the crack, break or just look disgusting, I pitch them. (I'm trying to switch out household to all glass....but didn't want to sink the money into this project until i know if it works). Sooooo at the grocery store, I bought a half gallon of 'healthy' ice cream. I got home. I put the groceries away....and like normal I put stuff that i wanted to 'prepare' for the week onto the counter. Normally that's fruits and veggies....any dips or things that I want to have fixed and ready to grab. Well, I put the icecream in that grouping of things. I pulled out the containers and dished up the icecream. It was WONDERFUL..the icecream was soft from the drive it dished up like a dream...and I was easily able to fill up the cups. I snapped the lids on and popped the containers into the freezer. And there they sat. I spent about 3 or 4 dollars on the half gallon of ice cream....where as the individual serving cups I spend 4-5 dollars for 3 or 4...and sometimes two. Well, last night after dinner Todd mentioned ice cream. We pulled two out. We each ate our 1/2 cup serving. Worked like a charm! I washed up the containers and they are sitting ready for the next ice cream buying time! WOO HOOOO!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday...a day for ignorance!

I've decided to live Monday June 23, 2008 in a state of ignorance. Nope, I did not get on the scales this morning. I'm assuming that the scales are still up. Come on now...I had Chinese food last night....salt city! Plus of course the ick is still with me. I'd HOPE that maybe the scales went down a bit...but oh well....ignorance is bliss. Ok, ok ok...I say that all cocky, but I'll admit to sitting here and worrying and wondering about it! I will however definitely weigh in tomorrow!

I am trying to eat healthy and I did get a ride in this morning. I'd like to get another ride or some other form of exercise in this evening!

Whew! What a morning! Todd had me set the alarm for 6:30 for him. We have a friend that was working last fall and fell off a thirty foot ladder. He shattered his leg. He’s at home now and he’s recuperating, but he needs to go to Physical Therapy 3 times a week. Well, every so often Todd offers to take Shane up to the physical therapy place so that Shane’s wife gets a break. Today was one of those days. So Todd had to leave our house at 7:15. I putzed around the house and had breakfast and was just ready to get to my bike ride when the phone rang. It was Todd. He had headed south and picked up Shane and while heading back through Sharpsburg on the way up to Hagerstown, the front tire started making a crazy noise. So Todd had headed towards our place to switch cars and he’d look at the tire when he got home. WELL…he didn’t make it home. The tire blew. (front drivers side). They were ok (thank heavens!). So I rushed out to get my car to them. We left the old car sitting and they took me home. I did my ride (15.4 miles) while they were gone. They came back and we went down to change that tire. FIRST of all, the car was parked weirdly (or the road was angled or something) because it was a pain in the arse to jack up. We popped the lugs off easily…BUT oh my word…we couldn’t get the darn tire OFF the car! I then remembered that when we switched from Cellular One to AT&T for our cell phone service, that they had automatically put on a roadside assistance program onto our cell phone bill. I had planned on removing it, but Todd was like, “hey, we don’t have triple A on our cars….lets just leave it” (my car is covered under the Honda Auto coverage…at least until I reach 100 K miles…which I’m only at 54 K so I’m good for a while longer). So we did. I looked and sure enough, it covered tire changing…so I called them. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. They came and changed that tire for me..AND pumped air into the donut tire (it was low). Todd got back right as they were finishing up…so we went home and had lunch…and then Todd turned his butt around to go up to Sears to get new tires. We are ending up getting 4 new ones…the back tires were on the edge of needing to be replaced….and of course it was a front tire that blew. PLUS, they are fazing out the 13 inch tires….which is what the old Honda takes. LOVELY. They had them today…but can’t guarantee in the future…so we are doing all four…and then if the car lasts that long (tis an old car), we’ll probably have to get new rims for the car. JOY JOY. While Todd has it there though, he’s going to get an oil change…it needs it. May as well do it all on one stop. So there goes $350 bucks out the window. I’m sooooo ready for our string of bad luck to end! I mean, wouldn’t you think replacing the hvac in our house was enough for one year??? Me hitting a deer wasn’t enough????? Come on now!!! Oh well……Todd and Shane were safe. That is the important thing. Todd was quick to remember that just the other day he had gone to DC in his car…and if that tire had blown on the interstate, it would not have been pretty….and could have caused a major accident. So we will look on the bright side of things!

At least I'm getting settled now that I'm sitting at work, and all calmed down. (I got home at 11:40.....and in 20 minutes, I ate lunch, showered, dressed and got to work!...yeah, my hair was still wet....I just pulled it back into a bun...not high fashion...but I'm here!)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sodium Sunday

You know, after our day at Hershey Park, I told Todd that I was going to buckle down and live frugally, well eat frugally...point wise this week. So on Thursday night he comes home and says, "I was talking to Paul, and if it's ok with you ladies, we wanna hook up on Sunday to go to such and such Asian Restaurant" (Paul and Todd love their Sushi...and their Sushi bar that they have on Sundays.....we wives order off the traditional menu). OK.....BUT of course Chinese isn't all that great. But I figured I'd make it. Well, I did fairly well. I got basically chicken and broccoli (but instead of the traditional chicken and broccoli sauce, I got a garlic sauce. Chicken was NOT breaded. I got plain rice instead of fried rice...and I drank water! BUT man oh man.....Chinese food does NOT stay with me. It's only been like 3 hours and I'm HUNGRY again! With no points left for the day! NOT good!

Yesterday I worked outside for quite a bit in the afternoon. I came in to go to the bathroom...and luckily glanced in the mirror. I flipped out at how pale I was. I called out to Todd and yelled that I was needing to stay inside and asked him to take care of putting the chipper away along with the rest of my gear. He took one look at my face and was like, "SIT DOWN...NOW" Well, I rested a bit...and then showered and made dinner. I made this nacho chicken bake. It was pretty good....and actually not that bad point wise. HOWEVER, I should have thought about how much sodium was in the recipe! This morning I was up to 181.2! OUCH. that's up from 179.8 OUCH OUCH OUCH! I know that it HAS to be mostly water retention. I KNOW my sodium was super high yesterday. PLUS then of course the ick hit this morning/early afternoon. SO that added to the water retention issue! SOOOO of course, what do I eat today? Chinese....sodium city again! I don't even know if I want to get on the scales tomorrow morning!!!!!!

I did ride this morning....I knocked out about 17 miles today. woo hooo!

Meanwhile, I'm reading an awesome book. I was super skeptical when it was recommended to me. It is a book by Lisa See entitled, "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan". I"m not usually into the Chinese culture (what is up with Chinese and this post) but it came highly recommended and the brief synopsis caught my eye because it mentioned the practice of foot binding..which does intrigue me. So I followed the recommendation. I'll be honest, I almost passed on reading it. But I started....and I can't put the darn book down. There have been passages and chapters that I've literally read with my jaw dropped to my chest (in particular the passages when the main character is describing the first weeks of her foot binding). I've gasped and gotten teary eyed at this work of fiction! When a book can do that to's darn good! Lets see...what else have I read this week...... Bought "Turbulance" by John Nance on Tuesday night. Started reading that on about lunch. Finished it Friday afternoon! (gotta love a job I can read at!) Excellent read!!!! I flew through that! Lets see...I had gone to the library on Tuesday...and picked up "the Blue Zone" by Andrew Gross. That was another. I started reading that...and even with being away all day Wednesday (didn't read a word on Wednsday) I still finished that one on Thursday by lunch. Today I was at Ollies and bought a book by Michael Connelly, can't remember the title right at this moment. So I'll probably start that book when I get the chinese based book done! Ahhhh I love to read!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


No, there was no change in my weight this morning. I was still exactly 179.8 pounds. I just want to get away from that 180 pound mark! I'm hovering at 179.something now...and I want to put some distance between us!

I woke up and rode the bike for about 45 minutes this mornng. Felt good (to be done...haa haa haa, j/k). I'm at work now and hopefully all this afternoon I'll be working outside. I hope to work some more on the chipping! That's a workout! Last week I was sore...from using muscles that don't normally get used as heavily. I'm thinking that if I work all afternoon, that the pile of trees/brush that I'm currently working on may be almost gone by tonight! That would be sooo awesome! I also want to move the boat and trailer to a different spot in the yard. (further down towards the woods!). The old riding lawn mower needs to be moved down there also! I want them out of my yard proper! :-) So hopefully I can do that today also! If I have the energy, I will also paint a bit more of the floor on the screened in porch. I'm painting it in sections. I've got almost half of it done. I've got about a 5x5 section to finish until I can say that I've done enough to satisfy what NEEDS to be done (bare minimum) for our fourth of July Party. Once I get that much of the floor painted, Todd and I need to borrow the van from mom and dad and get the glass topped table and the small freezer moved over! I've decided that I may for the time being leave the big freezer over at the studio apartment. It's not hurting anything over there..and it's a pretty old freezer. Todd's grandmother gave it to us...and when we moved it over we were afraid that it would die on us as they say sometimes when you move old freezers and refridgerators that the compressor or some such piece of them goes out. The chest freezer is relatively new (actually it was just replaced through warranty last may). That would give us the freezer space that we need at the house....but yet we'd still have the big freezer for storage at the other place. It would also keep my screened in porch a little less crowded. I told Todd taht eventually we would buy another freezer for the house. The old one is ...well old. The seals and such are not the greatest anymore! Energy efficient it is not. Plus, we can move those two things in my parents van! We'd like to get the picnic table...but I'm not sure that will fit into the van! We'll have to measure, but I think we need to get a friend that has a pickup truck to move that one! I can see the end getting closer. Well, maybe not the end...but at least one project closer to being finished!

Friday, June 20, 2008

The preliminary results

Well, yesterday I DID get on the bike before I went to work. I made it exactly 15 minutes before I got off. It just wasn't happening. My body was so tired and depleted to begin with! Hey, that's ok...I got some form of exercise into my day! I'd rather look back and say I did something versus nothing! I had my eating plan all laid out. I had left myself a point or two for a evening snack should I need it. BUT, after dinner I went to get a snack. I saw the little containers of tapioca and rice pudding. (One point each). Well, I started wondering how they really compare in taste. SOoooo instead of eating ONE, I grabbed one of EACH and ate them both....alternating bites of course to fully judge them! (I prefer the tapioca!) And then, as if the two little things were not enough, I went to the box of Weight Watchers lemon cakes and had one of those. (once again one point). Well, yeah...those things are all one point items...but together they were at least three points! So I worried throughout the evening...wondering if I had ruined it and if my weight would go up. Well, this morning I got up and stepped onto the scales. WHEW! Huge sigh of relief. Yesterday had me at 180.8. Today i was at 179.8! One pound down. So still a little bit more to recoup my little gain...but all is well! I can do this! I just need to keep my eye on the end result!

Speaking of end results....and some thoughts about where I've been and where I've come from. The last time I went to Hershey Park, I was with my friend Julie and Todd (he and I were dating at the time). This was about 7 years ago. I had just left teaching, a time in which my weight dropped...but by that time, it was already starting to skyrocket back up to my all time highest. I know that at some of the coasters I stood in worry that I wouldn't fit. And in fact, one of the coasters we had to go to the middle row where the restraints were a bit more accommodating for a larger person. How utterly embarrassing. I didn't let it bother me all that much, I liked myself...and my friends liked me, so I just let it slide off of me. BUT, the other day at the park, those memories came rushing back. I was worried that I wouldn't fit. I literally had to keep telling myself, "MaryFran, you are less than 180 pounds, you fit...and you will fit in ANYTHING". It just hasn't sunk in!

The other thing that was an eye opener for me. The turnstiles in the rides! Woah, for so long I had to turn sideways, suck in my gut, and squeeze it all in to get through a turnstile. While leaving the first ride and going through the turnstile, I just started to laugh! OH my word, I just breezed through it! All day it was just amazing to me. Without thinking I'd go into my old 'routine' in which I would suck and squeeze it in to get through....but I didn't need to! Amazing!

Well, as I already said, I was down one pound this morning. I'm tickled about that! I ate a healthy breakfast and a healthy lunch. I'll admit that I'm already thinking ahead to dinner...but it's all good! I'll make it. Especially since I'm here at work and the temptations are easier to avoid here. WHY? Well, because I can sit back here in the drive through and ignore the food up on the counter. And secondly, I'm a bit of a closet eater......I would be in much more danger if they were to all leave me alone with that food sitting on the counter! IN a way, that's good, at least here at work!

Rode the bike for 8.75 miles this morning. I plan on getting up early tomorrow and going longer! Anything to push this weight off my body! I'm determined!!!! Especially since I am officially TWO weeks into maintenance! 4 more weeks to go and I will be considered a lifetime member at weight watchers! (meaning I no longer pay!!!!!!) I can do this!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Report on HersheyPark and the concert

We were in Hershey yesterday. We spent the day in the actual amusement park! Then in the evening we mosied over to the Star Pavillion and saw a concert. We saw the Doobie Brothers and Chicago! As usual, the concert was excellent. I've seen Chicago every year pretty much since Todd and I met and each year they just blow me away! I only hope that when I'm the age as some of those guys that I'm still operating like they are!

I had decided that I would try to be responsible with my eating, yet I was going to enjoy the food I ate, and eat WHAT I wanted. That said, I ate a reasonable breakfast (egg beater sandwich) for lunch I had a Grilled Chicken wrap, and for dinner I splurged and had a cheeseburger (I've been dying for one lately). I did ask if I could substitute something else for the fries...and got about 1/4 cup of baked beans instead. Here is the bad stuff. My husband and I split a SMALL dippin dot's. I had a chocolate covered banana (hey, at least it was mostly fruit!). I did splurge and have a chocolate milkshake. ANd I ate four miniature pieces of the free candy that you get here and there throughout the day. After the milkshake...which as at 6PM, I called it quits and said no more...I ignored the venders inside the concert (except for the bottled water that I purchased at the concert) AND on the way home when I stopped to get a drink (diet Dr. Pepper) I really fought the urge to buy some kind of food snack. That is immensely better than I would have done recently. Previously I would have eaten my way through the park, through the concert and stopped on the way home to get something else. (tis no wonder I ballooned up to over 300 pounds eh?) SOOOO are you curious what the damage was? Well, let me first tell you that my pedometer counted my steps at close to 30K steps for yesterday. THe last time I weighed I was at 179.4. This morning I was at 180.8. I'm of course not happy to be up 1.4 pounds...but that's managable! I did drink a fair amount of water yesterday....but probably not what I should have. SO even though I can probably blame some of the weight gain on that (and probably some on the upcoming ick if I really wanted to), I'm not going to. that was 1.5 pounds of food! I enjoyed myself and I"m not going to feel guilty about it or worry about it. I've made my plans for getting myself back down and all will be good!

So what is my plan? Simply watch what I eat and hop back into my exercise routine! However, I usually do it first thing in the mornings...and this morning I still haven't! I'll get to it though! 4 hours of sleep and I just don't seem to have the energy! I however am getting ready to clean the house...and get some laundry out on the line. WHen that's done I plan on riding right before I shower!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday! weight was down eight-tenths of a pound today. That puts me back at 179! Hopefully I can hold onto that or go a little lower for my weigh in tomorrow night! I was planning on having pasta with a pesto tonight...topped with chicken. And while I can fit it into my points values, I know that days where I am totally high in carbs, I just don't lose as well, and in fact sometimes gain. SOOO I'm going to make Southwest Chicken....which is yummy in it's own right. :-)

Rode the bike this morning...and then when Todd woke up we went for a walk. SO I've been active thus far!

SORE SORE SORE. That's all I can say. My upper body is so extremely sore! Eii yii yiii! ALl that chipping yesterday!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My day in pictures

I started my day almost exactly as I normally do.....on the exercise bike. I will admit that since I didn't have anything pressing, that I read in bed until 7:30! I felt so decadent! (I'm usually on the bike by 5:30! I knocked out 10 miles in 30 minutes. And then called it quits knowing that I would be having a super busy day!
While getting dressed I realized that I hadn't done laundry in ....ohhh a long time. SO I did laundry and filled up my lines. It's GREAT having super long lines (well...except for the sag...but as you can see the straight tree limbs every 20 feet or so seem to work just perfectly!) 4 loads of laundry complete! (oh yeah, and the bed made also!)
Oh joy...the chipper revisited! I had almost forgotten how much fun I have with this thing! Yes, please take note of the sarcasm! It was slightly better today though, as we bought some earplugs since the last time I used the chipper! I chipped for about 5 hours! That entails walking to the piles of limbs, bending over to grab a limb, pull it free and drag it back to the chipper. Then I had to shove that sucker down the chute (or into the hopper, depending on the size of what I was chipping). Tiring after a while...let me tell you! Not to mention the injury sustained while using the chipper....more on that later.
As if the chipping wasn't enough. I then decided to work on painting the deck and the floor of the screened in porch! Oh yes, and the steps leading to the deck also of course! After painting I headed inside. I showered and folded all the laundry that I had just grabbed off the line. I took the time to actually fix a few things also. Don't ask me what came over me, I usually let things sit until the pile is so huge that I'd rather throw the stuff away! But, I sewed on three buttons today! WOo hooo.
I had just started to make dinner when mom and dad pulled into the driveway. Sorry, this is an old picture (from February of this year). I didn't think to snap a picture of them tonight! Mom and dad stayed for about an hour (while the potatoes cooked....and while I finished dinner). Dinner was grilled chicken (in the best marinade by this little company called FireCreek), mashed potatoes, green beans and for dessert cherries. After dinner I washed dishes again (dang we really need to get that dish washer in and running!) for the second time today!
So now I'm sore from my activity today! SO I'm just surfin' the net and in general loafing around. Oh yeah, and I'm in the middle of painting my nails...toes and fingers! LOL
OH yes....the big accident and injury from today. Once again, sorry for the older is from June 1st of this year. BUT, it has something very important in it. My sunglasses. I was wearing them today. I went to throw something into the hopper and my sunglasses fell off....into the chipper. I went to grab for them...but lets be realistic....I'm not going to dive into the hopper with blades swirling to get a pair of sunglasses! Oh yeah, they shattered into a billion pieces. Todd spread the newly formed mulch from the bag and he said he couldn't see anything remotely looking like plastic! ROFL So yes the injury was the glasses!
I'm hoping that my busy, active and productive day will help eradicate that stupid gain! I've been drinking like a mad woman today. At one point I KNOW I was super dehydrated. It was after my first gallon of water. I knew I was coming to the end of my outside work and I didn't feel like running inside to refill my mug. When I got in here....dang I about drained the 64 ounce jug as soon as it was filled! So I've been drinking steadily! Crossing my fingers!!!!!

Sunday morning check in

Got up this morning and went to step on the scale. I was feeling moderately ok with my weight. I was thinking that I would have maintained yesterday's weight. I exercised yesterday and I had stayed within my points range. But I digress. I stepped on the scales....179.8! What..that's 1.2 pounds up from yesterday! 2.2 pounds in TWO FRIGIN' days!

Ok, my rant is over!

I thought about it a bit while I sat on the exercise bike (well, I was sitting...but I was riding my heart out at the same time). I'm not going to let this beat me! My body is just totally balking about leaving this 180 mark. Thinking about it....I think I was right about this weight for a couple 7th -10th grade. I've read somewhere that when your losing, your body gets to a certain weight that it 'recognizes' and it tries to stay there. Hmmmm....don't know about all that...but ok, we'll go with it. I will push through it! Looking on the bright side, I'm happy to say that for about 2 weeks now I've stayed BELOW that 180 mark. That is a first. During these long last 9 months...I would dip down below for 1-2 days...and then go right back above. SOOO I'm doing good.

My plan of attack. Continue onward. I exercised this morning. I had my healthy breakfast. I filled up my 64 ounce water jug. I'm planning on working outside all day (using the chipper and painting the floorboards of the screened in porch) so I'll be active. I've got to really focus on making sure I drink enough water. Because that's the last thing I see a spike in my weight due to water retention!

Meanwhile, I saw this interesting push up program and I've decided to try it. It is supposed to train me to be able to do 100 push ups. (consecutively...haa haa haa). So anyway, last night I did my initial test. I have to say how many I did? Well...lets just put it this may take me a few weeks just to make it past week one in the training program! Uhhh yeah, I couldn't even do ONE push up. Oh yeah, I could do it if I did it granny style...but proper form...on my toes....NOPE! I can lower myself down without smashing my face into the ground but lift myself back up? Not happening! So I'm going to continue 'trying'.....I guess the attempt and the slowly lowering of myself will help build the muscles that I need. We'll see. Maybe I should break down and do granny style push ups for a bit to build my muscles...hmmmmmmm. Well, I will conquer that also. AND it shows me that while I used to be doing a lot of strength training......I can see where I've fallen off the strength training bandwagon! NOT GOOD!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday weight!

Well, could it be the pancakes? I did eat within my points last night. HOWEVER, I had pancakes...carb city. ANd I know that when I eat an over abundance of carbs that my weight responds thusly. The other factor...i was thirsty when I woke up. This usually tells me that I'm bordering on not having drank enough...and my weight is usually up on those days. SOOOOOO I wasn't shocked when I weighed in at 178.6. Exactly one pound up from yesterday. Disappointed...yeah, shocked no!

Rode the bike for about 45 minutes......roughly 13 miles. And here I am at work. Nothing else much to report! Boring thus far!

Friday, June 13, 2008

The cheat day must have worked!

Yes, I weighed myself this morning. Let me refresh your memory. Yesterday I was 179.4. I had held onto that weight since Tuesday morning. WELL...this morning I was 177.6!! Wooooo HOOOOO! I am back to my all time lowest weight that I have posted on my home scales! So the little cheat must have kicked my metabolism into overdrive or something. I don't care what did it...just keep hummin' baby!

How did I celebrate my great weight this morning? I got on the exercise bike and rode for 80 minutes. I wasn't aiming for super fast or super goal for today was time the best I could do, but not worried about breaking speed records or anything like that. I did 22.4 miles. Felt good. I was actually aiming to go longer..but my butt was sore and tired of sitting in that same position! tee hee hee. (and while I'm laughing, I'm dead serious). I then went to the kitchen and had breakfast and got ready for work.

Interesting thing I noticed today. Cereal really doesn't 'stick with me' for long. Ok...enough said about that subject.

I laid out my eating plan for today. It's already written in my journal. No I just need to follow my plan. So far so good. I just ate my lunch. And dinner shouldn't be an issue either as what we are having is what we are having. I'll actually have 2-3 points leftover so that i can have a ww ice cream bar or a 100 cal pack or a piece of fruit....something as a treat. panic for the day. I'm at work...and I LIVE for emails. There is not much else to do between customers. You wonder what my panic is???? Well, emails are not coming through to my hotmail account. I KNOW for a fact that Todd sent me an email at 10:27's 12:11 and I still don't' have it! What other emails am I missing? Oh yes....full tailspin panic!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby binge

I didn't have a good day yesterday. I felt so ready to conquer the world yesterday morning when I wrote my entry. However, I got outside and started to work and my energy just drained out of my body. I pushed through it but I was feeling totally wiped out! (I finished 99% of the white painting, pulled up the indoor outdoor carpeting on the screened in porch and started working on re-screening the windows) I don't know why I just had no energy....but I don't like the feeling. I came in and I did push myself to get on the exercise bike. I did about 22 minutes....and just over 7 or 8 miles (I'm at work, don't have the exact mileage with me) before i just had to call it quits!

I had carefully calculated my points for the day. It was all good. UNTIL I came in for the day. And then I had a handful, or two; of pretzels (uhhh do I have to count the dip????...twas fat free dip at least), a weight watcher ice cream bar. I decided to make banana muffins for my down the hatch went some banana bread batter. Oh and after dinner I actually ate a baked muffin. What the heck????????? WAY over my pointage!

So, this morning my home weigh in routine began. I was very nervous. Hopeful that a 'cheat' or 'binge' day would actually help me by getting my metabolism moving. I know that when I first started losing weight (back a hundred and some pounds ago) that i would be vigilent about my eating for 6 days a week, but on the seventh I made it a cheat day. I ate what i wanted. Oddly enough, even on my cheat days I found myself eating healthier than I woul dhave previously...but they were still cheating as compared to my new way of eating. Well.....I started noticing that my weight would actually drop the day after my cheat day. Crazy eh? I don't do cheat days anymore...I find it's sometimes too difficult to bring myself back around to eating healthy. SO my 'cheats' are more or less the days taht I lose yesterday.

The scales....showed me at 179.4. That is the exact same that i weighed the last time (Tuesday morning) that i weighed myself at home! WHEW! Now I know that I've got to be really good...because my body will not hold that weight forever if i continue to have bad days. So far so good today! I did get up and ride. Rode for around 15 miles (once again....I know it's about 15...but I dont' know the's all written down at home). So I feel as if I'm doing good today!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weigh in Results

I didn't weigh myself this morning. I never weigh myself on Wednesday mornings. Mainly because I eat after my meeting....which is really late, which then skews my numbers. PLUS, I use my Tuesday night late meal as a bit of a free meal to indulge. I actually kept it within my points range last I'm doing good!

BUT, I was able to hold it under 180 pounds last night! That is the first time I've ever done it for 2 weeks in a row! I was sweating bullets (and lots of sweat from the heat also....plain old sweat...none of this 'perspire' stuff) over that one! Hopefully my body will start losing again so I can get myself away from that 180 mark! BUT regardless...week one done of the 6 that I need to do in order to get lifetime status at the meetings!

The official reading.... 179.4. So technically I gained .4 last night. I can deal with that!

Crazy thing happened to me last night. After the meeting we went out to eat (feed corporate America, by eating at a chain....which we prefer not to do, but oh well) at the Longhorn Steakhouse. I got my normal meal there...a salad (no tomatoes because of the salmonella scare of course), my baked sweet potato and the brandied apples. Yes, I had a slice of bread also. It was all pretty tasty. SO anyway, I came home and I was on the computer. Todd came out to kiss my goodnight (or whatever) as he was going to play the xbox in the bedroom. He left and it was a couple minutes later that I felt a stinging sensation on my upper lip. I just kinda pushed it aside in my mind, thinking that his facial hair had just given me a little 'brush burn' or something. Nothing major. BUT, a few minutes later I could FEEL my lip swelling! Oh my word, my lip was HUGE. I looked hysterical! But even while I laughed I was panicked. I mean, was this some new allergy or what??? I wasn't staying out here by myself....thoughts were running through my head....if my lip swells up, what else may swell up??? No sir-ee. I went into the bedroom to be near Todd. It was just very crazy! I was nervous about falling asleep with my lip still getting bigger literally by the moment...but I ended up falling asleep. I don't know what else on my body may have swelled while I was asleep...but I will say this......this morning the swelling is almost gone in my lip...although the lip feels numb still. Utterly crazy!

Hopefully the weather will be sunny today (not raining) so that we can work outside!!!! Plus, I still need to ride or exercise today. I just didn't feel like doing it early this morning! :-)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

revelations from the past few days

Yes, I've had a few revelations these last few days. I will expound on them below.

Number one: I was eating the other day and took a bite of my pineapple. I literally groaned and moaned in near ecstacy from the taste of this pineapple. From Pineapple??? Am I sick? I mean, I've done that from doughnuts, cakes, really tasty bread, pastas, you name it...but from a fruit???? Maybe I'm 'growing' inwardly from this experience.

Number Two: I'm always cold. I froze all winter. Todd complained constantly about sleeping next to a human that wanted to cuddle up against him for warmth. Well, it's been a literal sauna around here lately...high humidity and 100 + degree temps. During the day, I leave my car windows up and the car locked (yeah, my husband tells me that it is crazy in a small town/village like this..but it is ingrained in my head). I get in the car and before where I'd be unable to breath from the heat, I've been finding myself leaving the windows up and NOT turning on the air. The warmth of that car is just delicious to me! Am I absolutely nuts??

I'm happy and proud to say that I did come up with a solution for the bedroom. I moved a few things around and thoroughly cleaned (Wednesday is my big cleaning day...but i decided to go for it this morning). I was a bit worried about Todd because his side of the bed.....well actually the space beside the bed is a bit cramped. BUT, you know what.....I moved it this way mainly to accomodate his wishes for the room. Well, he just called me here at work to tell me that he got home and and that he LOVES the bedroom the way it is. WHEW! I also cleaned both bathrooms, and the living room. Swept and mopped the kitchen floor and caught up the dishes in the kitchen. The only thing that didn't really get touched was the library...which doesn't get used all that much so it doesn't get dirty. Therefore, my cleaning is DONE for this week! WOO HOO. That will free up my day for tomorrow so that I can work outside.

Ohhh working outside. I'm a bit nervous. Yesterday morning I worked on painting the inside of the screened in porch (which has no screens at the moment as we are getting ready to rescreen the place). Well...I was happily painting (I'll be done painting it with maybe an hour more work) away. I finished and went in to shower and get ready for work. Well.....Todd decided to tell me about what he saw shortly after i went inside. A snake! ON MY PORCH...inside right next to where I was working! YIKES! Tomorrow I have to finish painting that porch...AND organize all the stuff that's on it in order to get it to I can pull up the old indoor outdoor carpet and take care of the floors. (I'm leanign toward painting them......and not putting new carpet down). I dont' like snakies! If I get all my porch stuff done, I'll start working on chipping the next pile of wood that we cut a while back. At least we now have ear plugs for me. Before I was not using ear plugs and my ears literally hurt for a few days thereafter!


This morning I've been answering emails and I started to respond to a friends email. Let me preface this by saying that my friend is struggling to lose weight and that she is married to noe of those people that struggle to actually gain weight and to maintain a healthy weight without losing. (makes it really rough for my friend as they ALWAYS have junk food in the house for him to try to gain weight) This friend was talking about how she was eating at Pizza Hut (ohhh I'm so jealous) with her family. SHe had her eating under control and things were going well. Her husband kept pushing her to she ended up overeating. I started to respond to her and decided to share my response in my blog.....I know I've commented on this in the past...but it's so apropos.

The thing of it is.....someone that does not have a problem with food really simply does not understand the problems and temptation that we face each and every day....heck, everytime we have to sit down to eat. It's just incomprehensible to them. ANd then you have the added fact that our society has been programmed to believe that offering food is a way to show love and give comfort. So those people that don't understand what you are going through in the first place are now trying to feed us because that is a surefire way to show the desired affection. For example....on Valentines day......what do our husbands do? They take us to dinner. Birthdays?????? Dinner out. Yeah, you'd have to eat anyway so you are just trading 'where' we are eating...but they it's the is a way to treat...a way to reward...a way to show that the person is loved and appreciated.

Well...the weight this morning.....179.4. I just want to keep it under the 180 mark! I think from what Sherry told me that I can actually go to 182 and still be considered maintaining. I sure hope so!

Didn't exercise this morning as I like to take Tuesdays off. But I"m heading to the bedroom. The layout of the bedroom is just not working for I"m going to see if there is something that I can do to change it!

Monday, June 09, 2008


"In the summer, body weight can go up by several pounds due to increased body water. This is accomplished through fluid-conserving hormones such as aldosterone, which allows the kidney to retain more fluid and reduces the amount of salt in sweat, a measure that also aids in water retention. The increase and stabilization of total body water can only be accomplished by continuing to exercise in hot weather and will not occur in people who spend most of their time indoors in air-conditioned environments."
Click here to read the complete article.

Why do I have that on my blog? Well, this morning I hopped on the scales with a smile on my face. I did everything right. I got a good deal of activity in yesterday. I ate healthy. I was on top of my game. SO when I looked down at the scales and saw that I was 180.4 I about croaked! That is one stinking pound up from yesterday! Disgusting and disturbing. I know that I drank a TON yesterday.....and I know that I wasn't in the bathroom eliminating that water yesterday. (of course I sweated like a pig at times). I'm trying to think back to see if I went any less? I thought that I was doing ok with my water. I drank about 2 1/2 jugs of water (each jug being 64 ounces). That's a ton of water. And no...I didn't force myself to drink it....I was drinking when I was thirsty or desired a drink. BUT, this morning I woke up with the dry mouth thing....which to me is an indicator that I'm a bit dehydrated.

Rode the bike this morning. 17.2 miles. I'm going to continue on, the weight will catch up with me. I'm just panicked because I have to keep it under a certain number in order to work toward my lifetime goal!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

I refuse to be bothered!

Ok, so Todd and I are like kids taking pictures of ourselves by
holding the camera out and snapping it ourselves. It's just fun!
This morning my body let me sleep in a bit.....all the way to 6AM. THAT should not be 'sleeping in'. 6AM is freakin' early! But, since I've been waking up between 5 and 5:30...I'll take it! I went to the bathroom and hopped on the scales. .2 pounds up! What?? Yeppers, .2 pounds up...for being GOOD. For exercising. For doing it all correct! No matter though...I'm gonna win anyway. This will NOT get me down!
I hopped on the bike. I have a friend that was planning on doing a 1.5 hour bike ride. And I set a challenge for myself to ride 1.5 also. (albeit, my friend was doing it on road, with hills and in the heat....I was planning on doing it in the nice air conditioned house on my exercise bike!...but's all good). Well, I was about 30 minutes into my ride when Todd rolled out of bed. I had logged 9.36 miles in that 30 minutes though, I was on track for a stellar ride! He looked at me and asked if I wanted to go down to the canal around Harpers Ferry and walk. Well......of course I said yes. First, I love that area. But the added bonus was that I would get to play with my camera some more! So off we went. I got a few miles in walking though so it was not a total loss. After walking, we headed to the outdoor flea market that is in that area. Oh my word, by that time it was getting REALLY hot! Didn't find anything. Came home and made lunch. I tried a new recipe for Beef Burritos. TASTY! I'll put the recipe at the bottom of this entry. As soon as lunch was cleaned up, I headed to Hagerstown. I spent about an hour or so mowing up at mom and dad's (with a push mower of course). Mom and I ran to the mall...but other than that the rest of the day was uneventful! So I was active today!!!!
It's been so hot, I'm wondering if that is also affecting my weight. Could very well be. I've drank a ton of water today. My 64 ounce mug has been refilled twice...yep, I'm on my third mugful of water for today. Yeah, that's a lot more than normal...but remember, almost 10 miles on the bike, walking outside for a couple hours, an outdoor flea market, and an hour of mowing. Ohhh did I mention that it's like 95 out...with really high humidity????
Beef Burritos
1 lb hamburger or turkey (lean lean lean)
1 can fat free refried beans
1 package taco or burrito seasoning
1 cup cheddar cheese (I used fat free)
10 96% fat free whole wheat Tortillas (I used the misssion)
-Brown the beef or turkey, mix taco/burrito seasoning as directed on package. Mix in refried beans. Place 2-3 heaping teaspoons on each tortilla, add cheese; wrap. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

grocery shopping done!

I went to the grocery store today. I had to stock up on all my fruits and healthy foods for the week. I came home and right away set about washing the produce and cutting it up if it needed it (pineapple for one). I have learned that I'll be much more apt to eat the produce if it ready to eat in the fridge. Stuff like green peppers, onions and such that I use in cooking I do prepare as needed. However, if I plan on having salads for myself throughout the week, I will clean , chop and dice that as well. The first picture is some of the produce that I'll be eating this week. Looks yummy! The first picture is my produce that I fixed up for this week. If you notice, most of that first picture is fruit. Well, that is because I can and preserve a good deal. So I have lots of veggies from my garden from last year that I"m finishing off the preserved harvest. The second picture is one wall in my canning pantry from last year. YUMMY! Not the greatest of pictures but you can see some of the jars that are filled and ready to eat.
Tis freakin' hot here! I don't' want to do anything. The only dang thing I've done is go grocery shopping...oh yeah and I"m running laundry through the machines. I'm even too dang lazy to hang my clothes outside and today would be the PERFECT day to do so. OH well.

Not gonna go down without a fight!

Dang! I was up .2 pounds today....179.2! ARRGGGH I want to go DOWN and not up! I need to hold onto the 170's! I refuse to go back to the 180's. I'll only go kicking and screaming!!

So, what am I doing about it? Checking my efforts, keeping my eye on the goal and moving forward!

I rode the bike for 45 minutes this morning....just couldn't get my legs moving. Yep, it was at like 5:15 AM. I'm at work and I forget my actual mileage, but it was around 14 or 15 miles. I'll be on my own for all my meals (basically meaning that Todd and I are working totally opposite schedules and that I won't be making a communal meal for the two of us). I can USUALLY eat much healthier when I'm cooking for myself. Simply because I eat mostly fruits and veggies. Today even more than normal as I have no bread left...used the last for my toast this morning. Yep, I really need to get to the grocery store either today or tomorrow!

I am going to stay on the straight and narrow eating path matter what the scales say. Because sticking with it will eventually catch up on the scales and show fabulous results!

Meanwhile, what the heck is the problem with me. For the last few months, I've awoken at 5 or 5:30 AM. This is totally not me! And it's not as if I'm going to bed earlier. I usually go to bed around 11PM. I'm getting an average of 6 -6.5 hours of sleep a it's not too far off...but just a new phase in my life.

Gotta go through my closets again. The khaki's I'm wearing to work today are like HUGE on me. I'm having to hike them up every time I get up from my desk to walk somewhere! (yeah yeah yeah...I forgot to put on a belt!) I had that problem with a pair of shorts the other day...and some of my shirts are looking huge also. Tis' a good feeling!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday morning

Sorry to inundate everyone with pictures...I'm just messin' around...and liked this little old building. :-)

My weight. This morning I was at 179.0. Still under 180 pounds so I'm feeling ok. It has crept up 1.4 pounds these last few I know that I need to grab the reins and pull it together now that the dust is settling after our last couple days.

SO, what is my plans to get my weight back down? Well, first and foremost, I have laid out my food plan for the day. I know what we will be eating and have planned my day so that my points are right on target for the day. (with 2-3 points leftoever for a bit of a snack later this evening). I drug myself out of bed at 5:30 and I rode the bike. I did a more hilly route on the good ol' exercise bike. I need to push myself outside in the morning and ride outside...I just hate to go out so early in the morning...on those back roads that are so narrow. And definitely not right now...becaus we still have tree limbs and debris on the road!

Diligence is the key. Staying focused and keeping my eye on the end result. Understanding that life pushed a little and I had not much control over it...but now that the control is back in my hands, knowing that I have to take that control and use it to my advantage.

I think that is one of the biggest lessons that I have learned on this journey. Realizing that life is not always going to play by the rules that will allow me to easily lose. There are going to be numerous bumps in the road. Some I will have no control over. Others I'll have very little control over. What I've learned is that I need to just roll with them. Accept them for what they my best on them (or if it's a situation that I chose to do badly, accept it) and move onward. No guilt, no self pity, nothing. I did my best the last few days.....consequentially my weight is up a bit. So, no guilt, no pity...just plans for the future!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Settling down!

Here is a picture of a view up on my road. Would you believe that there were people that actually drove under the tree.....that was being suspended by power and phone lines??? Can we say freakin' nuts???
Here is a tree at the Antietam National Cemetery. This was actually outside the gates and I didnt' have the time to trapse through the whole cemetery. BUT, looking in it looks like they lost a bunch of trees! This tree was like many of the others around...the wind literally sheered off the top...and the weight of it falling split the base!
So, what do you do at home when you have no computer, no electricity, nothing??? I was laying on the couch reading and fell asleep. When I woke up my little Ethel Louise was sleeping on the arm of the sofa. My moving to grab the camera woke her up, but as you can see....just barely.
Things are settling down here. THe phones are still out. But the power is back on. The internet is working (cable), we have repositioned the satelite, which was pretty much ripped from it's moreings so we have tv. Uhhhmmm...what else. The yard is pretty much cleaned up. And I was able to stay within my points limits today! SO I'm back! I know that my weight may be up a bit tomorrow morning...but I'll be ok!

Crazy topsy turvy 24 hours

Well......surprisingly enough, we did make it to the gym. Felt good. I trucked it on the elliptical and then went to the treadmill to finish up my hour of cardio. I'd been on the treadmill for only a few minutes when Todd motioned for me to look at the tv. Yep, a big storm was bearing down on us. Wait, to be more specific, it was bearing down on southern Washington County where we live. We've had problems with a leak around our one door....the seal or something....when it rains really heavily.....we wanted to get home to check it since we had hoped it was fixed but we were not totally sure. So we grabbed out stuff and ran out the door. We hadn't gotten far when my cell phone rang. It was mom, she was calling to tell us that the storm was bad enough that there were tornado warnings. Mom, being a mother wanted us to come to her place and wait it out. We of course went on home. After all, our babies were in the house (not to mention the water/door issue). Well, it poured the whole way home. But it was just a pouring rain. UNTIL we got to our road. They had it blocked off....NOT a good sign. There were trees, power lines were down. It was a mess! We somehow made it home. Yes, the front door still had leaked a bit. BUT then lets be objective, 2.5 inches of rain in 20 minutes. The neighbor said that you couldn't see more than 5-10 feet because the rain was dropping that much. So, we spent the afternoon finding construction material that was blown from hither to yon. (oh yeah, we haven't found all of it yet) and using the chainsaws to cut down trees from the road, our driveway and our yard. I ate late, and i ate out for the second time that day....and then we went to mom and dad's to shower. (yes, the power is are the phone lines...AGAIN...the phone lines on our road got hit with lightening last Friday night or Saturday....and we only got phone service restored on Tuesday night.....By Wednesday mid-afternoon...GONE again!).

They haven't' declared it a tornado yet (it would have been a week one if it was.....mostly trees and power line damage....although a few houses and buildings sustained some damage. Whatever it was powerful.

So, my weight was up a bit today....only about a pound. It could be water. It could be the fact that I ate really late last night. Who knows. I had no choice but to eat a big breakfast out this morning. (well...we don't' have many choices of restaurants locally to Sharpsburg......not unless we want to drive a gazillion miles). I also couldn't exercise this morning. I didn't want to get all hot and sweaty. I already feel grungy enough without having water at our house (no power equals no water in the country). Luckily, right as I left the house this morning to come to work, the power flickered back on! WOO HOOOO!

I'm not going to worry about my weight. It just means that I will have to be super diligent from here on out to make sure that I stay on track to have my first successful week of maintenance. I WILL DO IT!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The good news just keeps piling on!

Woah doggie, the news just keeps getting better!

Last week I had blood work done. I hadn't heard anything back from I called today. They pulled up my report. She was like, "yep, everything came back clean" Well, I had to ask a few questions. You see....I suffer from high total cholesterol has always hovered around 250....even after I lost 50 pounds my cholesterol was still at 250. In general, anything over 200 is high.....anything from 180-200 is borderline. cholesterol is now...are you I building suspense??? Anyway, my total cholesterol is now 162! That is almost one hundred points lower!! My HDL levels (the good cholesterol did go up a few points) but the bad LDL level dropped drastically!

I actually slept in this morning....didn't wake up until 6:30. How wonderful is that! I've been waking up at 5 or 5:30 for the last few weeks! I think what happened this 4 or 4:30 (can't remember which) I woke up to a cat coughing up a hairball (more on that incident a little later). I cleaned it up and crawled back in bed. I laid there for about a half hour or so...just day-dreaming, groggy...but not quite awake enough to get out of bed. Well...I fell back asleep. Woo hooo! I wasn't too worried about my bike ride though...because we are planning on going to the gym today. We'll see if it happens. I hope so! (that is the rainy weather plan.....I was going to push mow for umpteen hours...but it's a bit damp and wet out).

Hairball. I woke up to that ohh so terrible sound....Todd woke up at the same time. We both flipped on the lights on our nightstands and we both rose to a sitting position. I was apparently a second behind Todd in my movements. And as he threw the covers off, his hand flew out and whack...hit me square on the nose! OUCH! He's rather upset about it....I keep telling him that things like that happen and not to worry!

My weight this morning...home scale weight... 177.6!

And apparently I was the big loser this
past week in the Blog world summer biggest loser!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A reminder of how far I've come

Thought I would put a reminder on to show where I have come from! BLEECHHHH I never want to go back there!!!

weigh in results

Above is a picture of my 64 ounce water jug. I actually have two of these. This one and a blue tinted one that is more clear. I carry one of these jugs around with me pretty much everywhere. In fact, it is becoming my 'trademark'. One day I was working at the drive through but happened to step away from my desk. One of my co-workers greeted the customer. Well, when I walked back and talked to the customer this person was like, "I wondered where you were...I saw your mug but you weren't here" OH my......I'm known for my water jug!

A picture of me in my size TEN dress. WOo hooo!!! Size ten. I am still in shock that me, the girl that at my highest weighed in at about 315 pounds is wearing a size ten!!!!

Well, enough on that. I was so super nervous when I stepped onto the scale at my meeting tonight. I lost a whopping 8.2 pounds! 8.2 pounds in ONE week! Oh my word! How in the heck-er-oonie did I do that? That puts me at 179...which is under the doctor set goal weight for myself! So, I officially made it to my weight watchers goal! 6 weeks of maintaining that weight (or under) and I'll be at lifetime! Woo hooo! I"ll have to see if I can get a picture of my goal charm thingy that I got tonight!!!


I was actually not standing between two trees....but ON one tree that formed a big "V"! (Todd didn't get that part in the picture)

The other picture is one of Lockhouse and lock 37. It's from the east, looking west with obviously the lock in the foreground and the lockhouse in the distance.

Ohhh, what a beautiful morning, ohhh what a beautiful day! Ok, I'll stop singing now....not because I don't' want to scare you...but because I don't know the rest of the words to that song! Tee hee hee.

My morning. Woke up as usual (darn...I wish I my body would let me sleep in) at around 5AM. I laid in bed for a bit and then decided to push myself and exercise. Got a ride in and was feelin' good! I had breakfast, put some dishes away and had checked my email by the time Todd rolled out here. He asked if I wanted to go for a walk. OF course! We went down to lock 3 on the C & O Canal (Chesapeake and Ohio) . What a grand day for walking. Todd was comfortable in shorts. Me, the one that is always cold felt great in jeans, a tee shirt and a sweatshirt! Got to play a bit with my camera...nothing spectacular. But fun none-the-less.....and we are always adding to our collection of canal pics so it was all good.

My weight this morning. OHhh weight. I dropped another one. Yep, I'm down to 178.6. Now this is SERIOUSLY the lowest I have ever been as an adult!!! I remember once in school (either 8th grade or my freshman year of high school) being weighed and being 178! WOO HOOOO! SOOOO it's looking good for my weigh in tonight! I may just make it to goal!