Tuesday, January 12, 2016

100 miler

II went to dinner with some friends last night.  It was a perfect dinner of girl chit chat and girl giggles.  Just perfect!  What was not perfect?  We ate at a restuarant that I have been craving for SOOO long.....and well, I caved and had the artichoke/cheese dip  for an appetizer AND my normal favorite sandwich.  And yes, I ate it all!  I didn't feel stuffed...so that is good at least!  (and my calories from breakfast and lunch were low!)

A while back I heard about a challenge that the city/county that I live in was trying to implement.  It was called the Hub City 100 miler.   At first thought I was thinking "NO WAY"  I am not going to participate in a 100 mile race.  Endurance racing fascinates me, but not enough to actually do it!  I'm not nuts!  Well, maybe I am, but not I am DEFINITELY not at the stage of wanting to participate in a 100 mile run.   Out of curiosity I looked into the information about the 100 miler.   It is actually a 100 day project.  One mile a day.  Hmmmm.  I contemplated but decided at that point to forego it.  It was kinda loosely run, operating on the honor system and I have been in challenge groups where you KNOW the people are cheating and it really grates upon my nerves.   I walked away and didn't give it another thought.  

I didn't give it another thought until I was flipping through the What's NXT publication looking for any interesting activities in our area.  Yup....there it was the 100 miler, a full page of information. I couldn't help it.  I looked and I read and I pondered.   The 100 miler had officially began on the seventh and it was already the 8th.  I wasn't worried.  It was set up for someone to do 1 mile a day but the rules were quite specific that you didn't need to do one mile each day, the only goal was 100 miles for the duration.  Piece of cake.  Between hiking and running and normal walking (as I"m planning on walking with Sherry on days when the weather is cooperative) I would easily make up the missed days.  Some of the prizes looked quite neat.   It was only $10 to join (the non-tee-shirt option) and I figured it gave me a chance to win some cool prize and it gave me the motivation to put some miles on me.  

I shouldn't have ANY problem getting my miles as this actually goes through the beginning of April.  On April 2 I will be running the Cooper River Bridge Run...so there is a neat 6.2 miles and I have vowed to run this one....and maybe even beat my previous PR for a 10k.  That means that I will be training in the upcoming months.   Woo hooo!  

So I'm in.....One more way to keep me accountable.  :-)

And woo hoo!   Krumpes just announced the date for their 5k!! (I looked yesterday and couldn't find the date and this morning it was on fB!)