Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I'm heading into day three of my latest quest to get myself back on track.   I've been waffling for the last few weeks.  Start over, start strong and then fail miserably a few days in.  It's a vicious cycle.  I fail for a multitude of reasons.  They are valid reasons, but I still fail.   This time I'm going to claw my way through this phase and get to the other side!

Day three.....This is where it's going to be made or broke.  Why do I say that?   Well, typically I fail about this point (at least in the last few weeks).  But today is a day off of work. (today and tomorrow actually).   Why is this significant?   Well, when we are off work I tend to stray from my tried and true eating methods.....I tend to not eat as many fruits and veggies and just in general eat more calories.  Ohhh and while I'm active doing things, I'm just not as 'active' with exercise. 

Not today.  I've got my day planned out.  I know what I'm eating.  I have it all put into myfitnesspal.  Now I just need to stick to it.   I can do this!

I was talking to my friend last night and I have decided to re-institute my weekly weigh in emails for accountability.   That is part of why Weight Watchers works so well, the weekly accountability is so important.  I can't afford Weight Watchers right now, and I'm absolutely certain that I can do it on my own anyway, so thus not sure I would join even if I could afford it.   So I'm going to pick back up on weekly emails. Donna and out, you may be getting that email along with Sherry...and I'll be asking for your weight accountability check in in return!

I have always been motivated.....I just have to screw up my determination to see my dreams through!

As for my exercise.  I'm doing the best I can.   Trying not to stress about the foot.  I've tried the rest stuff this summer....and it just came right back.  The crazy part is that my foot didn't start hurting whilst running or exercise.  Simple innocuous act, literally I was sitting Indian Style on the ground and rolled to the left...the top of my foot rolled across the ground and put pressure on the tarsal nerve....that started the downward spiral. Right now the foot feels pretty good.  I taped it the other day (gotta love the PRO KT tape as it lasts a few days...even through showers) and that extra support has eased up the pain, even through two zumba classes.  That's a good sign...that the extra support is what it takes! 

I think I'm going to start looking on Craigslist and Freecycle for a nice exercise bike.  Something heavy enough that I could really push it......a spin bike.  Am I looking for a savior to swoop in and make my problems go away.  NO......I just am seriously looking for something that I can do at home without too much fuss and even during the horrible dark and cold winter months!!   I have a recumbent exercise that needs some work but more importantly, I don't think I'm pushing as much on the recumbent....just thinking!

No matter what I decide about the exercise I WILL come out on top.  I CAN DO THIS!!!