Friday, January 08, 2016

Exercise Thoughts

I am still reeling over the loss of my beloved Zumba class.   I am starting to nose around to see what options I can find for another class.  I have to admit that in a moment of insanity I actually looked at the available training classes for me to be certified to teach a class.  Yeah, certifiably insane!    Not sure if that is the option for me at this point though.  But it's starting to sink in that something that has been such a HUGE part of my life for so long is over.  Ok, maybe not 'over'  but over in that format.   It's is change and how we roll with the changes really does make the difference in what kind of person that we are.   I will find something to replace my beloved class and if I'm lucky.....a lot of the other gals that are also reeling from the loss of the class will follow along and I will have my support group back!!!

I am getting antsy to run.  Yes, it kind of shocked me too if you want to know the truth!   Who is this woman and where did you put MaryFran?????????    I am forcing myself to take this slow.  I have been  forcing myself to rest the stupid ankle.  But dangit....I want to run.  I want that feeling of clarity as I run up and down the alleys near where I live.  I want to feel the wind in my face.  I want to feel the awesome sense of accomplishment when I walk into the house after a good run!  I want!!!!!!!!  Maybe this weekend!!!!!

 The only run/race that I know for sure is on my schedule is the Cooper River Bridge Run in the beginning of April.  Yes, I am registered and the check for my portion of the hotel room has been signed (waiting for an address so I can mail it though!)  

After that....well, Paws on the Pavement is a possiblity. I have done this race for three years now.   2014, and the second year I did it was not a great year as I ran this with a very sore back!   In 2015 I ran it with virtually no training.     However, this race will always hold a special place in my heart because of my efforts in 2013!   I followed through and did that one on my own AND managed to set a PR (that still holds to this day!)   I fear for this run though.   Why?  This past year that paricipation was SLIM.   VERY slim!!!!!   I will be very shocked if they do it again!

There is also Krumpes Donut Alley Rally which I have done for a few years running.  In 2013  I ran this with a few friends.   In 2014 I ran it by myself with my then husband cheering me on.   I was totally on my own in 2015 for this run.  (Although my parents were there at one point on the course cheering me on!)  Yes, I think I will have to do this one again!  :-)

I am toying with the 10K Over the Bay.    A Turkey Trot?????  Who knows...the sky is the limit!!!!