Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sick and tired and some gorgeous cats

OK, so I'm just feeling sick and tired.  Literally.   I have been on the go all day. And I'm just whipped.  My sinus' have been draining and my throat is raw and that rawness is causing a cough.  (or maybe I've got a cold or something and just refusing to admit it..I'm sticking with a little sinus drainage).  So I've been sucking on the Halls today.  Dang, I wonder how many calories those things are per lozenge (isn't that a fun word....lozenge lozenge lozenge)???   If those darn Halls threw me over my calorie count today I'm going to be one made cat lady!   CRAP!   each one of those drops are 15 calories!  Shucks!  I've had maybe  5 of those suckers!....that's what I'm counting.  So 75 freakin' calories wasted!!!  That...that's a half piece of cake!   Or maybe a whole apple (a big one)!!   I've been robbed!!!!!! 

Even with my halls cough drops I am still OK on my calorie count today.  I have NO CLUE HOW.  OK OK OK, I DO know how.  Let me recap.  This morning Todd and I went to town early.  We stopped at Waffle House.  I REALLY wanted a Texas melt (egg bacon and's one of the only times I break my pork ban...for that sandwich) and hash browns.  But the sandwich alone is something like 750 calories.  I opted instead for a waffle.  I drank water and I had no hash browns.  Todd and I did our thing in town.  I took him back down to the studio (remember, we are sharing a car......very interesting to share a car...but surprisingly it's going well).   I almost immediately turned around and headed back to town to be with my family.  I got to congratulate my niece for her GREAT scores at her gymnastic meet yesterday.  I got to visit the museum in my 5 year old nephews bedroom.  (Lots of interesting artifacts....things like his Halloween costume, his favorite Christmas card....highly interesting things) and I got to talk to my extremely intelligent 12 year old nephew (I had to pretend I knew what he was talking about half the time.. ha ha ha).   And then we went out to eat.  Yes, the kids usually get to pick on we went to .....are you ready?   McDonald's!!!   I planned ahead and got a small fry and a grilled chicken snack pack wrap (although I get tongue twisted when I say that).     We hit up Sam's Clule and then we went and I bought a new mattress. I'm HOPING that a better mattress helps my back issues.  I needed a new mattress and box springs desperately.  My brother helped me get it with his truck.  Everyone came down to my house and it was a few minutes of out with the old and in with the new.  Then we all traipsed out into the woods for a brilliant winter walk.  I let them take out my metal detector and they had fun as we hiked.  :-)     After they left, it was dark and I had to set up my bedroom. (I upgraded sized bed things had to be shuffled a bit).  I put my new sheets on the bed and then took a shower.  I finally sat down to eat something but my sore throat is just taking any desire to eat (swallow) out of me so I just had an English muffin and jelly.

Some of the cats seem to approve of the new bed and sheets (the sheets were an incredible deal at Target....and the plum color is so fun!) Of course I had already tried the bed out and read a bit in bed, so it didn't look all neat and proper when I took the picture.   

Lucy and Ethel giving their stamp of approval to the new bed.

When I first made the bed Ethel pulled her normal stunt of running under
 the sheets as most cats love to do. However, instead of playing
 under there, she curled up and took a nap!
So more a lot more carbs than normal.  And few few veggies and fruits.  But still within my calories!!  That is  victory!