Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hard work ahead

Hard work ahead, originally uploaded by mfcstotler.

Well, I didn't get any formal exercise in today. But I worked my tail end off from about 9AM until just a few minutes ago (10:30). I made applesauce today. It's been hanging over my head, so when Todd told me this morning that he was going to work on the insulation (we are adding/updating some insulation at our place) I knew that I had a full day to do it. Hard work. But 3 bushels done! :-)

I stayed right within points. At one point, I really struggled. I was so tempted to get a granola bar. (we jokingly call them crack, because once you have a bite, you want more!) But I didn't. I didn't need it. I actually would have ended teh day with a ton of leftover points. But I just had a sandwich...even though it's late. I ate minimally today. I was too busy with my apples. :-)

results of day two

Well, my weight was exactly the same today. I'm not upset. Even though I chose a healthier option for lunch (doing a big salad instead of eating a gazillion tacos), it still was higher sodium foods. So I"m not going to worry about it. :-) If I continue watching closely, the weight will drop.

Who knows what today will hold. Todd and I are both off of work. However the work that we have to do here around the house is stuff that we need everything dry for and since we had a lot of rain yesterday, I"m thinking that we are not going to work around the house. Hmmmmmm what to do?????