Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Weigh in thoughts

My weight is down a bit more today. After reading other peoples responses and thoughts on the scales and weighing every day. I do agree that one can become obsessed with the scales. I think for me, I become even more crazy when I do not weigh myself every day. I stress more when I don't know! I understand that there are daily fluctuations and such, and I'm actually OK with that. (I get more frustrated because I'm the same weight that I was a year ago.......although as I've stated in previous posts, that is actually a very very good thing).

In talking to a friend today (another friend that is losing weight...not the one that I have the bet/wager with) we were talking about our daily weigh ins and the fluctuations. We are going to set goals for ourselves each week......send them to each other and on the 'goal day' we are going actually evaluate our weekly weights as a whole group instead of 7 individual days. This will also give her accountability as she no longer attends WW meetings. :-)

In other news, it's Wednesday...and here I sit at work. Someone is on vacation so my day off got cancelled. Oh well. Todd had some meetings in town this morning (I'm missing my first Wednesday of the month lunch out with mom). I get off at 3PM. The plan is to get out in the yard and work some more on taking down some trees and clearing some land. If Todd is not feeling up to it (he's got some kind of sinus issue...or ear issue....and no, he's refusing to go to the doctor) I'm going to go out and plot out our garden for next year. This year we left our garden at our old place.....we hope to have it at our new place next year. If I can, I'll start digging and getting the ground ready very soon! That way come spring I'll just have to pull back the straw, it will already have been composted (I'll do that this fall), and I'll just have to do some light tilling and she'll be ready to plant. So that is my exercise for the day!