Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day Five Core

Core is going ok. I'm on day five. I've already figured out that Core is definitely NOT something that I would be satisfied doing long term. It is way to restrictive. Yeah, I know that I could use my flex points for those 'extras'. But it just still seems too restrictive! I'm determined to go through the entire week though...and considering I'm on day 5, I think I'll make it. There is merit to this plan..just not for me.

Yesterday I was 183.0 Today I weighed in at 183.6. I've been trying to figure out exactly why. We had a crock pot coke chicken....over whole wheat pasta. Corn (frozen...from my garden), and applesauce. I did use 3 flex points and had a bite of dessert. I've been trying to figure out what caused my weight to jump .6 pounds. The only thing I can think of. I put salt in the corn. The diet coke has sodium...and ketchup is high in sodium (right?). I did drink more than my 64 ounces that shouldn't be a factor. So I'm thinking the sodium is probably it. We'll see though! Not too worried about it though.

Had a nice visit with the pastor last night. He seems like a really down to earth guy. Not overly legalistic or anything like that....which is good! :-) His preaching is top notch, which is the important thing. We are very impressed with him and his views. He was apologetic about some and was like, if this scares you off, then so be it. I was like, "I'm here because of that view!" Basically he said he is more concerned about our spiritual walk versus building the church into a huge number. AMEN!

Thank heavens dinner last night turned out! haa haa haa. Ok, I knew it's one that we've had before! :-)

Tonight for dinner we are having ham steak, pasta salad (not core....but that's for todd) and a variety of vegetables. I haven't decided, but I was originally planning on having parsley potatoes (yes, I can make them core...with the fat free butter)..but Todd mentioned wanting the pasta salad (luckily for me, he likes a creamy pasta salad...which I don't like...I prefer oil based pasta I won't be as tempted). So....the pasta salad may be parsley potatoes.....who knows. :-) I'd probably be better off without the potatoes! :-) What to do...what to do....hmmm. Well, considering we will eat late tonight because of Todd's work schedule, I have plenty of time to think about it! Lunch will probably be tuna salad (made with FF mayo to be core), fruits and veggies. Yummy!

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