Monday, May 01, 2017

Weekend update and a new month

This past weekend we headed to Johnstown, PA.  

I lived there many moons ago (like 35 years ago).   I wanted to experience the history and culture as an adult.   On the way there we visited the Flight 93 memorial (9-11 plane that went down in a field in PA.).  It was well done...a haunting memorial.
We explored by car and on foot the town of Johnstown, the burough of Westmont and the Grandview Cemetery.   We checked out a hiking trail and rode the Incline Plane.
We visited the Johnstown Flood Museum and then followed that up with a visit to the Flood Memorial which is actually at the site of the same that broke causing so much damage and so many fatalities. 
In this picture you can faintly see the overlook that is on the abutment across the 'valley'. This photo was taken from the other abutment....and shows the absolute breadth of the damn that broke.

We also spent some time looking for luck though!!

It was a great weekend (aren't they all nowadays???)

So it's a new month and that means it's time to review last month's goals and set new ones for this month!!!

Last month I had four goals

1. To track all of my food and stay between 1200-1800 calories.   This did not all.  There was actually days where I didn't track anything and more days than I can count that I was over 2000 calories for the day!  I kick myself for messing this one up.   This should be a shoo in goal to achieve!!!!!  Grrrrr  I did discover that the 1800 is too high for me. ( When I'm at 1800 I don't lose...when I lowered it to 1500 as my high I was starting to see some success.  And then I went off the rails like an idiot!!  So I totally messed this one up but I learned a lesson and the more knowledge the better the chance of success in the future! 

2.  I set a goal to run 20 miles in the month of April.   I totally missed this one too.  I only ran 12.41 miles. I wasn't even 'close'.   I don't know what happened...a few days of rain...a few schedule changes that prohibited....and some sheer laziness with shorter runs but me in he butt.   There is no real excuse though.   12.41  miles is more than most people in this world run each month and furthermore that's good that I did at least something for my body!!

3. Lose weight and be in the next 'decade' lower by the end of the month.   Well this didn't happen at all!!!  I didn't lose a single solitary pound.   I wallowed in my current weight.   A pound down a pound up. A see saw of misery!!!!  This one disgusts me.  At this rate I will never reach my goals!!!
A maintain is actually a victory!!!  It may not be what I wanted but it wasn't a gain!!!

4.   Complete my April miles (166.5) and add an extra 25 miles to work on the mileage deficit for my year goals (2017 miles in 2017).  191.5 miles needed to reach my goal.   I am very proud to say that I crushed this goal!!  I completed themiles I  needed for April and started working on those extra miles.   I finished the month with 232.41 miles for the month!  That is 65.91 extra to cut down that deficit.....the years deficit is now only 27.79 miles.   Yeah, I smashed the goal!!!!!  (Thank you 89.58 miles of biking...25 miles of walking at the beach and many long walks with Jason!!)

See how I had to make myself turn the negatives into a positive.   Negatives are bad because they make us want to give up...they rob us of our self confidence.  They are just bad!!!

So for May my goals....

1.   Lose weight!   I would optimally like to be down in the next decade...but I will take any loss at this point!!!

2.  Track....every day....and at the new lower range of 1300-1500...with only one cheat day a week!

3.  20 miles....I will get this!!!!  This is my month!!!

4.   2017 mileage.   I want to get my base miles and wipe that deficit clean!!!!  

5.  Three times a week add a mini strength and stretching routine into my day.   The what isn't important....but right now I am do have a plan in place in my mind!).   I've noticed lately that my legs are tired more easily and my muscles are super tight.   I have to fix that!!!!  

So I've already gotten a good start on my May goals.  I woke up and ran....not a lot of miles but a little bit over 2 miles completed.  I mowed and did yard my total steps (including rummage run) already have me at my daily goal of 5.5 miles. (And we plan on riding our bikes tonight...chalk up more miles!!!).  I have tracked my food and I'm determined to work this!!!