Friday, July 25, 2014

Pink was the word of the day!

What's up with this divine intervention???  Was it just Sunday that I said that divine intervention kept me from drinking an excess amount of diet soda????   Why yes it was!

Today it struck again.  I went out for a run after work.  After just a few minutes I knew I was going to interval it again.  My plan was to run for two songs....walk for 30 seconds and then run for two songs.  The exception....the artist of the day was Pink.  Anytime I heard Pink, I had to run no ifs ands or buts.  I made it a mile and a half with no pink.  I ran my two songs and was soooo ready to walk....but Pink came I kept running.  The song came to an end and I was so ready to walk.  But no...another Pink song came on.  Really?   Did the shuffle feature just die?   I kept running.  FINALLY the song ended and I breathed a sigh of relief.  Oh yes, you know where this is going.  Another Pink song. I contemplated pretending that I didn't know it was Pink...but that is cheating.  So I ran.  Guess my interval plan wasn't meant to be.  

And the worst part of the run?  Somehow my app (map my ride) shut off .2 miles into the run.  I have no clue exactly how far i ran (roughly 3-3.5 miles) or how long I ran.  (40 minutes give or take ).

I came home after my run and I swung into action.  I cleaned the kitchen.  Started prepping for dinner (a slow bake casserole and homemade bread).  I did laundry and I mowed the yard.  Why yes, I am still push mowing the yard.   Aren't I lucky?

Let me tell you.  I STUNK to high heavens when I came in after mowing.  All that sweat....fat dripping off my body. (at least that's what I'm telling myself!)

My evening was still productive after all of that.  I did a bit of sewing.  I made myself a running skirt. It's all pink and adorable!!!!  (and cost less than $10 which is about 50 bucks less than what they are if I purchased it!!)   I think it turned out pretty nice (pictures forthcoming in a future post).

Now, I do believe this productive girl is ready for bed.  What will tomorrow bring?   I'm hoping another run....hmmmm