Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Hanging in there

 I haven't given up on my weight loss journey.  Even though my last post was tinged with a feeling of helplessness.  Giving up is honestly not an option for me. It sounds tempting but then I start to think about how I want my life to be. I think about what life I want to live.  And when I thought of those things, it made me realize how badly I want this.  It made me tighten the reigns and not go crazy with my eating.

We had a busy weekend.  We had a handful of errands and some visits that we had/wanted to make. We didn't even have enough time for a full hike.  We did make it down to the canal and we walked for about an hour.  But that was all.   Don't worry...we got a lot of steps in while doing our errands!!!  

Visiting with Mom

My eating....on Friday and Saturday was a bit higher.  My calories were between 1400-1600 each of those days.  But by Sunday I had pulled it around and my calories were quite a bit lower and down in the range that I typically like to be in (1200-1300 calories).    

My weight managed to hold steady over the weekend without going up.  So that made me happy!   

I'm NOT giving up.  Giving up is the ONLY way to fail!   Failure is NOT an option!  

And since this post is short, I will leave you with a picture of the infamous Mertz!