Sunday, January 04, 2015

Issues with my new life

Eating is killing me.  Drinking my water is killing me.   I'm struggling with finding a routine and a plan that works for me.

Lets start with water.  I'm not drinking.  I fill up my water jug everyday.  I swear I do it.  But then on the way to work with only one or two sips out of my water jug I decide that I need to get a diet soda and I stop and pick up a large drink.  I have pondered this.  Why is this so difficult?   What is wrong with me?  I like water!  I really do!   I finally figured it out the other day when I filled up a glass of water to drink at dinner.  I took a big gulp of water and it was just NASTY!   I have been drinking sweet well water for so many years and to switch to highly chlorinated city water was a shock that was throwing me for a loop.  I had been putting real lemon juice into my water, but that flavors my water and I just don't like flavored water.  So all of a sudden the light bulb went off in my head.  I"m struggling to drink my water because it doesn't taste right!   So how to fix...........

My solution....I just went out and picked up a bunch of gallons of spring water.  I will be starting this plan tomorrow!

Eating.  My parents eat 'weird' and not healthy at all.  The other night we sat down to dinner I looked at the table and said to myself, "wow, I can eat some corn"   I found myself eating corn, crackers, cheese and rounding it out with a few spoonfuls of cake icing from the fridge.  Yup.  Not exactly healthy!   This is happening to me more times than I can count.  I'm not eating healthy.  I don't have foods for me to eat when the options are not there.

I have a few solutions.  The first thing I'm doing.  I stocked up on fruits and veggies and I plan on eating healthy for my lunches this upcoming week.  Focus on that this week.  To make sure I have food, I picked up some boxes of mac-n-cheese and some frozen pizzas.  Not exactly healthy, but healthier than crackers and cake icing.

I am going to do this!   I have to!  I want to be thin!!!!!  I want to be healthy!