Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why not Me

Just recently I was trolling through facebook posts and saw a post by a friend from high school. In that post he talks about an interview on 60 minutes years ago. I did a cursory search for the interview on the internet, but didn't look too deeply, thus I can't verify it at this time...but the meaning of the story still resonates in my mind. He states that he was watching an interview with a baseball player Dan Quisenberry.  In it they asked him if he ever considered the question "Why me?"  IN regards to his diagnosis and treatment of a brain tumor.  His answer was "Why not me?  Why would I wish this on anyone else. I've had a good life, so why not me"

That is pretty bold.  In the face of death he accepted and didn't bemoan the fact that he had an illness that could very well mean death.  How many people can say that they accept life's curve balls with such dignity.  NO, we have something bad happen and we fall apart and moan about the fact that our lives suck.  We cry about all the negativity in our life, wondering "why us".  

Well, I don't know why I've had some of the stuff happen in my life.  I don't know.  But I'm going to try to start living my life and saying "why not me".    Accepting those curve balls with dignity and grace is how we can display our true nature.  

Yesterday I had a bit of a curve ball.  I got home from work.  Our lunch plans were cancelled which threw me into a tailspin.  I went to the car, threw my purse in the trunk and went to get into the car. keys were attached to my the trunk.  My husband lost his car key so all I had was the valet key...which won't open the trunk (I have the trunk release cable disabled in my car for a variety of reasons).  Uhhhh this was NOT good.  Threw me for a loop.    I ended up calling for help...but locksmiths can't help when it comes to trunks...the only solution they had was to tow us to a dealership.  ha ha ha.  Welll, since I had a valet key, I drove myself to the dealership and ended up buying  'dummy' key for my trunk.  Crisis averted.

That however, messed up the plans for my hike.  Instead we ended up cleaning up the yard ...fallen limbs and such so that we are ready and clear to mow. Yep, mowing season is upon us!   So no formal exercise.  But I was active.

This morning I met up with Paula and we went jogging.  It was slow and I struggled.  I sooooo need to et back to running consistently 3-4 times a week!!!!!

I work at noon today and hope to have dinner with my parents tonight.  Exciting stuff in my life!  :-)