Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Between fog and cloud

Today was my official weigh in day.  I was nervous to see what my weight would be this week.  Last week I was really 6 pounds down.  I know a good part of that low weight was the fact that I was just coming off of being sick...and I wasn't eating much yet.   So this weeks weigh in would be the true test as to what my weight did.....I weighed in at 245.2...that is 3 pounds down from my pre sick weight (and 3 pounds up from my sick weight).   I'm ok with that.  Obviously I would prefer it to be the lower weight...and I hate to write in this weeks weight since it looks like a gain....but I knew last week when I reported the low sick weight this this was a very real possibility!!!

This past weekend Jason and I headed back to the mountains to work on our 'let's hike every trail in the Shenandoah National Park' mission.   I tried to find hikes that were rated as easier since I had spent most of the preceding week sick.    We decided to hit up some connector trails and side trails that we had missed previously.  The first trail was down into a hollow....then a mile straight back up.  Difference in elevation 2000 feet...(in a mile) well then, it could be worse...but not exactly easy!   The second hike we did was much easier!!!    

This weekends fun was the fog.  As we climbed the mountain we rise above the fog.....the valley is a sea of fog!!!  Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Oh and we saw some deer.  Not to outbid the ordinary but fun anyway!

Even coming off being sick I could see a huge difference in my legs.   A few weeks back we did a hike that had a gain of elevation of about 1300 feet over 3 miles.   This week we had 2000 feet gain in a span of 1 mile.  My legs were not jelly!   Progress!!!!