Saturday, January 05, 2008

Back into the swing of things

Yes, I'm getting back into the swing of things after the upheaval that the two back to back holidays cause. It's good upheaval....but it is somewhat comforting to be back to a normal state of affairs. One of the main things for me is that it's oh so much easier to eat healthy and maintain the level of exercise that I've set forth as my daily life when my life is more settled into a normal routine. Saying weight is down to 181.0 this morning. I'm pretty happy with that. I'm hoping to pull off a 'maintain' at my Tuesday weight watchers meeting. If you remember, the weigh in after my binge, I chose to not weigh in. I knew that my weight was up about 8 pounds...but I thought it would motivate me to get that weight off before the next weigh in I'd be attending (3 weeks later). It's been a rough three weeks....Christmas and New years fell within those three weeks. BUT, it's looking like I may be able to pull it off! It will be a close call....and will require me to lose a tad bit more before the weigh in.

Meanwhile, things are starting to roll on our remodel project. We are waiting for the plumber to get there to fix the main water shut off valve. Then we can continue with tearing out the shower, toilet, sink and the broken dishwasher. We need to take up the flooring in the kitchen also and then we will be ready to put in the new stuff! All that physical labor should help the weight loss efforts!

You know...I don't think I ever put down my year 2008 goals....I've alluded to them but never listed them directly out!

1. Get to my 'weight watchers' goal weight. Roughly 164 pounds. That will put me in the healthy weight range for my height! (I'm aiming for March 1st, I'd have to lose about 2 pounds a week to make that date.....realistically I'm saying by my anniversary, April 6th wich is actually 1.23 pounds a week)

2. Maintain my weight watchers goal weight for 6 weeks to become a lifetime member (and thereby stop paying the monthly fee)

3. Continue losing to get to a good healthy weight for me. My number that I've pulled out of a hat to try to attain is 150...but in reality, that number will depend on my body! (My dream time to finish this would be by my anniversary...which would be about 2.2 pounds a week. However, my realistic goal is the beginnng of June which is about 1.27 pounds a week)

4. Complete our remodel project and move in. (I'm thinking at the earliest March, Todd is thinking February)

5. Eat at home more often, consitently trying new recipes instead of getting stuck in a rut making the same things.

6. Keep up with the business books instead of letting things pile up and then doing a massive thrust to catch up!

7. Save money!!!!!

So there you have it, my 2008 goals!

I'm still pondering what route I want to take with this desire/calling that I feel to help other people develop a healthier lifestyle. I just don't know what direction to go in. I've thought about doing the dietician route...but when I look at the courses required, it includes a lot of science...I HATE science! In previous school experiences, I absolutely detested any science class that had labs also! That leaves personal training...but I'm not sure that that is the route for me. They have these 'life coaches' but I don't know what is involved in that and how to do something like I'm just not sure.