Thursday, July 30, 2015

A day of rest

Thursday runs have been notoriously brutal lately.   I think it's because I run on the weekend, Zumba (step Zumba to boot) on Mondays, run on Tuesday, Zumba on Wednesday and then run on Thursday. Friday's are my day of rest.     So by Thursday my legs are shot and boy am I ready for that day of rest.     This week I decided that my plan was stupid.   Utterly flawed.  So I'm swapping out my rest days.  Rest in on Friday.  If it's my early Friday I can run on Saturday.  Not a biggie.   And being tired for that last night of Zumba is not a problem...I can tone down my movements and not be as energetic of my body is dragging.  :-). 

This change will put me in perfect alignment for the next two Friday nights.   Why yes.  August 7th I will be doing the glow run at Marty snook park at 9PM.  And on August 14th I will be doing the rumors donut alley rally at 7:30pm. Two Friday's in a row...her we go!!!  These runs will be perfect motivation for me...they are awesome for putting a pep in my step for running.  (And the free rumors donuts aren't bad either!!)

Food wise I am doing well.   My weight is steadily dropping.  I'm happy and celebrating that. I will be tickled when I get out of this 5 pound vortex that I've been stuck in!!!   Soon!!!!

I'm not monitoring my food like a nazi.  Not am I obsessing about calories.  I'm just trying to make better less...and just figure this out one day at a time.  I am tracking....Hahahaha.  And sadly, the delicious desserts that my mom bakes to sell...I've had to say farewell to them for now.  :(