Monday, June 30, 2014

What's with this?

I'm holding on.  My weekend I stayed spot on in terms of the calories. hooves were not the best. I could have done a LOT better in terms of fruits and veggies and water consumption!!!

On that note....I don't know what's up...but for the last 5 days or so I've been an emotional wreck.  I've cried about pretty much everything.  Seriously....I was purging extraneous stuff from my life (books....fiction). and actually started crying when the car was full of goodwill stuff forcing me to stop work until I could empty the car at the local goodwill (thus allowing me to fill the car again).   Yes I cried over something that stupid.  

It's been a struggle to not eat crazy with these emotions pouring through me.  But I've managed to do it. I don't know how...but I'm doing it.  Whatever is up with my can go away any minute now!!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ideas flowing freely

I was out running on Tuesday morning.  It was hot.  I was sweating up a storm.  But I’m glad I did it. I actually procrastinated doing it for quite some time.  Ohhhh, there was about two hours of delay tactics used to avoid this run.  Why yes, I do think my kitchen floor needs swept and scrubbed.  Important things you know!  But I eventually just said “DO IT”   I have places I want to go  (weight loss) and sitting on my butt was not going to get me there.  So out I went!

Now the craziest thing happens when I run.  My mind empties of a lot of the mundane stuff.  I stop thinking about what I’m cooking for dinner (and consequentially thinking about what I need to pull out of the freezer) or how high the grass is (thus requiring mowing) and about 50 gazillion other things that filter through my mind on a daily basis.

Today my thoughts turned toward my weight loss efforts.  I had recently looked at my weight loss and calculated up how many pounds I’ve lost overall.  (82.6 if anyone cares).   I started thinking about how I’m within spitting distance of 100 pounds lost!  I vowed right then and there on my run that I would NEVER have to celebrate the 100 pound gone mark again.  Of course those thoughts made me think of the celebrations I have had or want to have for weight loss progress!  When I lost my weight the first time I celebrated when I dipped under 200 pounds.  (which is 15 pounds lower than my 100 pounds lost goal).  In fact, I don’t even think I celebrated that milestone, it came and went with no fanfare.   SO on my run that morning I decided what I was going to do to celebrate.

I got home and immediately texted Anita, my zumba instructor.  I asked her if I could hijack a zumba class.   I would pay her a set fee for her evening.  Anyone that arrived like normal for a zumba class would not have to punch a card.  Anyone that shows up would be able to get in for free.  (well not free…paid for by me).   It would be my own personal party! And we are going to announce it to the world....announce it and invite everyone possible! (Strangers are welcome!)  J   She LOVES the idea and is simply waiting on me to reach that goal!

I ran the idea by some friends and they were on board!   PARTY AT ZUMBA!!!!!  (and yes, I’m thinking about some really healthy snacks to have!)

So I threw the idea out there.  I have people behind me....all eyes are looking at me as I lose this weight.  YIKES!   So Wednesday rolled around.  I ate breakfast and I knew what I was having for dinner. Therefore I knew exactly how many calories I would have to play around with come lunchtime.  I was off work and had planned lunch with a friend......we ended up eating at a wood fired oven joint.  (Fireworks Pizza in Leesburg, VA if anyone cares).   Oh hell, the pizza smelled HEAVENLY.  Ohhhh the aroma surrounded me like a good friend. I sat down and looked at the menu.  My friend ordered a pizza.  I sucked it up and ordered a meal portion salad.  Yes, I did.  

As I was leaving Leesburg, I made a comment that my participation in my evening zumba class was spotty....I could probably make it but that I was just thinking about skipping it.  My friend looked at me and said "Isn't this one of those times where you just tell yourself to suck it up and do it?"   I hung my head in shame (ok, maybe not really...I was using artistic license) and vowed to try to make it.  I hustled out of there and why yes...I made it!

Having this goal out there and having people looking at me, waiting for me to get there is thus far working to help me stay on track.  Hey....whatever it takes!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

You's not really that hard!

This spot on eating's actually getting easier.  It's kinda falling back into place.  Yeah, some days I'm looking at it and going......I need to drop something or change something to make this work.  But for the most part it's working pretty well. I've only been over that one day which was a choice due to the insane amount of activity.  Other than that I have been 'spot on'!!!    Five fruits and veggies a day really helps to fill up the belly but keep the calorie count low.  (and whadya know.....that's the recommended amount we should be eating anyway!).   Admittedly, I don't always make the 5.   Some days it's a little less some days it's a little more.

And the amazing thing?????  It's working.   Last week I dropped 2.5 pounds.  I'm tickled with that.  But I'm still in that 5 pound hellish range that I've been in for the last umpteen months.  (yeah yeah yeah yeah....I was at the very tip top of that 5 pound range the other week)    I will feel better when I acually get OUT of that 5 pound vortex and prove to myself and the world ( the world cares) that I have totally overcome it!

Have I made sacrifices the last week and a half?  Absolutely!   Has it been a huge issue?   NO.  I've been full and satisfied. My mind tells me I want something else.  But I find that I really don't need it and I'm just fine without it.   I will say this.....eating smaller portions...I am actually hungry by the time my next meal rolls around!  Sadly, this was NOT a common occurrence in recent months.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

What is Normal

I've talked at normality so many times.  I've moaned about the fact that I want to be normal.  I don’t want to constantly be the girl that is watching her weight.  I want to live normally.  I want to eat normally!!!!  I want to eat like a normal human being!!!   I've come to terms with this desire so many times throughout my personal weight loss journey.  

I've written more than once about this.  I've written about how I noticed that a super thin gal I worked with who seemingly ate everything in site was actually eating 1 bite of something and calling her self satisfied….and she would save the rest and eat another bite the next day.   Yes, seriously?  She did that with cheesecake.  Me, I would have wanted two pieces of cheesecake….let alone one bite!

The first time I lost my weight I did it in my own personal style.   I did most of it via the weight watchers program.   I quickly figured out (at least at that time) that there were some ‘free foods’.  These were foods that were so low in calories and points that they didn't count toward your daily points.  Green beans anyone?   Would you like a serving of sauerkraut with that????  Yes, green beans and sauerkraut were freebies.  I ate the heck out of green beans and sauerkraut.  Oh yes I did.  Everyday in my lunchbox I ate green beans and sauerkraut.  They worked to fill me up and in that way the quantity of food I was eating was not affected.   It worked…..surprisingly well it worked!

OK, maybe it didn't work all that well……eventually I got sick of them.......for a while just saying green beans and/or sauerkraut made me want to hurl!  Yeah, I OD’d on them!

This time around, I’m taking a different approach.  I’m actually working on quantity.  Yes, I’m still supplementing my daily eating with low calorie foods.  But I’m also learning that a half sandwich can do the trick in place of a full sandwich.   The other morning for breakfast I made breakfast pizza.  Typically I would scarf down 2-3 pieces of this delightfully delicious food.  The other morning I had one piece and then rounded it out with a serving of applesauce (homemade of course).   When I was done did my mind tell me that I wanted another piece?   Of course it did.  Habits don’t just go away.   I just ignored the call of the pizza while I packed it up.  And guess what?  I survived just fine with just one piece.  Was I hungry by the time lunch rolled around?  Of course I was…..but that’s not a bad thing.

Normal…....I think I may be FINALLY understanding what normal is.  Normal is not eating rabbit food exclusively.  Normal is not eating one bite of food.  Normal is eating the foods that I like, but doing it in a way that STILL fits into my caloric count is the way to go.   It’s not rocket science.  I can still have the breakfast pizza….I just can’t have half of the darn pizza (at 313 calories a slice)….I can’t even really afford two pieces. (626 calories total…as that’s half of my days allotment).  But I can have one slice…that fits into my day quite nicely!!!!   I’m being normal! 

I put miles and miles on my legs last week.   I ran on my own.  I walked with Sherry.  I even got some walks in with Todd!   

Today, Sunday was a CRAZY day.   I woke up and headed out run.  It was the run for this months virtual 5k that I am participating in.  So far I've done every run!  YIPPEE!!!   Today was in 39 minutes.  
After my run, I sat down beside my car and pulled out my lunch box...or should I actually say my breakfast box?   I enjoyed my cantaloupe and some string cheese while I relaxed for about 15 minutes.

After my picnic breakfast I only had a few minutes to rest before Sherry arrived.  We walked just shy of 4.5 miles...and hit the HILLY section.   YIKES!

I got home shortly after 9 and Todd and I threw the bikes on the car and headed out!   Oh yes, we went biking!

Why yes, I was SOOO hungry by lunch time.    I actually didn't really go off the rails with my eating...but I didn't eat 'spot on'.    I decided to not sweat it at all.  I enjoyed my food.  I wasn't stuffed when I left the restaurant.  Furthermore, I had already burned MAD MAD calories and it was only lunch time!!!!!

After lunch we ran into one or two stores and then headed home.  I was already tired....and even told Todd that I could take a nap.  However, upon arriving home I jumped right into my afternoon.  

Mowing.....Push mowing!!!!!!   I didn't time it....exactly.  I know was about 3 hours....I only counted 2 hours in my exercise app.   

So the final calorie count for my earned activity calories?   3178.   I  actually ate over my self imposed 'spot on 1200-1300 budget' for the day.  NO worries.  I was only at 1900 calories for the day.    So even though it was over budget I'm going to call today's eating a victory!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I tried!!!

This morning I got up.  I knew that I planned to ride my road bike.  I was determined to do it!   My bike still scares me.   I know it hurt last year....and I know that simply changing a tire is STILL an elusive skill that I can't manage on my lite speed road bike (I can do my trek tires slick as a whistle).  So round about 8am I pulled out my bike.  I started to pump up the tires and ready my bike.  Hmmmm. Something just wasn't my pump going bad or am I just stupid?   Seriously?   How difficult can it be???  (Apparently quite difficult).   Finally I deemed my bike ready.   I threw on my clothes, dumped some water in a water bottle (whih I promptly left on the kitchen table ....luckily didn't notice it's absence until my return home) and out the door I went.

I haven't been on my bike yet this year (bad MaryFran) so I took a bit of time to clip in and out once or twice before heading off.


The open air!  The breeze on my face!  The....what's that noise?  It was like a dull thud...but only when I was actively pedaling.  I slowed down.....chanting 'clips clipc clips' and safely came to a stop with one foot resting on the ground. My tires seemed to be fine. The bike seemed to be fine so I clipped in and off I went again.

Thud thud thud.  Ok not really even a thud...more like just a vibration...a feeling in the bike....something was not right. 

I slowed down, clipped out and stopped again.  Once again everything seemed fine...the tire felt a bit warm to the touch...but let's face's hot outside so maybe that's not too uncommon. (Yes I know most people probably don't run around feeling for the temperature on their bike tires....I'm half nutty, I know it!!).  

At that point I KNEW that something was off kilter.   Could I have just not pumped the tire up the whole way (with my retarded pump/or user error)??   Could it have a slow leak (or fast leak?)???  Could there be another issue??  Hell could it all be in my head (pretty sure not)???   Regardless, I didn't want to get any further away from home...I tuned myself around and headed home.   So, I managed to take the shortest bike ride ever.   1.54 miles.  

I was totally bummed.  I am also disgusted with the fact that I'm letting my  bike get the best of me in regards to my fears.    And honestly, now that I'm at work I am slapping my forehead thinking 'why didn't I grab my trek and go out on the canal....duh!'

Good lower back handled that 1.54 miles like a champ!   My hip/arse cheek pain did twinge but not enough to make me cry out in pain.    

So onward to different three of eating.   I was 70 calories over the top end of my eating allowance.   Not exactly spot on.  But I'm ok with it.   I was that's why I'm ok with it!!!

How active???   I ran early in the morning!   It was a brutal run!  My legs ached and it was hot!

Todd and I then went for a nice hike!! It was warm but not overly overbearing.      Sorry no picture!  

Then I went for another hike later in the afternoon.  The afternoon hike near about killed me!!!  It was hotter than hades!!!   It wasn't a long walk....but I found a door to an old coal stove that I carted home.   I'm debating different options ...a wall hanging...a out stool...ohhh lots of things.   It just spoke to me!!!!

Today at work I plan on organizing my stuff to take to the gal that will hopefully be illustrating my kids book.  Yes, I wrote this years ago as a lark but my artistic abilities in terms of drawing are slim to none.  So I am tickled to possibly get this book done.   Maybe published (self or otherwise)....but done.   Unfinished projects need to become completed projects...I'm tired of stuff hanging over my head!!!!

So I'm holding on.   I am utterly focused on my calorie intake.   I am taking sneak peaks at the scales (don't hate me...I'm an everyday weigher) and I'm anxious to see what the results will bee this week.   Or rather in anxious to see what the results will be at the end of two weeks.   Lately I can hold it together for one week hutc ace on week two.   And maybe...just maybe...if I am lucky I can reach July 11 and be back at the same weight I was last year.  (That is roughly 220 pounds....I was actually skirtig with 218 at the beginning of that week and on the morning of July 11 I was 210....but probably because of the case of flu I had been subjected to). So I'm gong with 220.   Long shot...considering last Friday I was 235...but I'm going to give it a gung  ho go!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Moving along!

So I'm on day two of my challenge.  I think it helps to look at this in a much smaller increment.  Like I said in yesterdays post...who can't do something for two weeks.  :-)

Surprisingly enough, I have been SUPER active the last few days...since I woke up Sunday morning that is 15.06 miles of walking and running.  Ohhh and that doesn't count the hours of push mowing that I did on Sunday afternoon!   My legs are just cranking out the miles!   Feels good!

This morning I saved a tiny turtle from possible demise on my walk.  (and this morning was a walk)  He was just lounging on the road.  I moved him to the grass.  Poor little tyke!

Allergy season has been around for a while.   In typical years my left eye (just my left eye....go figure) waters for a few days and then I'm OK.  Annoying but nothing major.  This wouldn't let up.  It watered day after day after day.  And Sunday night when I went to bed my eye was SORE.  I assumed that like normal it would be fine in the morning...and get progressively worse.  However Monday morning arrived and my eye was SORE to the touch.  I didn't let it stop me...I went running.  I went to work and I caved.. The eye hurt....I had tears streaming from that eye.. my eye was swollen ....and it was goopy.  . went to the pharmacy and the pharmacist recommended a drop for my eye and I started taking Benedryl.  Today it's much better. Still a bit tender and a bit more 'wet' than normal...but over all much better!   Look may see the goopy swollen eye!

My hip is still giving me grief....and into my butt cheek.  I guess I really am a pain in the ass!

Food wise....SPOT ON!   I kept it together yesterday...even though I was DYING for a snack last night!  I ignored that demon's call and did well!   Today I struggled between getting home from work and having dinner sitting on the table ready to eat.  I persevered!     Now if the scales just show my efforts (Yes, I'm taking sneak peaks...but my lips are sealed!)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Spot On

I walked with my friend this morning.  We had a long talk.  We talked about her kids and family and what is going on in her life.  We talked about everything going on in my life and where I'm at with everything going on in my life.    It was a walk with tears, laughter, jokes and utterly serious discussions  So in other words we had our normal walk/talk!

However, toward the end of the walk when we finally got to really discussing our weight loss issues, struggles and dreams is where the talk got REAL!    This friend has been hovering about 3 pounds from reaching her weight watchers goal weight.  She is like me....a life-timer that just needs to get back to her goal weight.  But she's been hovering above it for weeks now.   I pointed that out to her and she admitted that she had recently recognized her apathy toward it and drew the line in the sand.  She had cancelled her weight watchers monthly membership effective the end of this month.  We discussed it and both agreed that it was the right decision.   The conversation continued on and she said something.  "I don't really lose unless I'm spot on."  (or something like that.......hey, cut me some's bee 11 hours since then...and I'm getting old, my memory is not what it used to be...ha ha ha)   I quickly agreed.  You see, I haven't fallen off the rails in recent months.  I still eat pretty healthy.  I don't eat gazillions of calories. I'm not going nuts.  HOWEVER, I'm not eating spot on and for me, that is NOT enough to lose.
So thus was born my which my friend quickly agreed upon.  For the next two weeks.  No long commitment.  NO forever.  Two measly weeks.  For the next two weeks, we will eat spot on each and everyday.  Starting on Monday June 16.  Every on eating. 1300 calories for me. Within her weight watcher points for her.  That's the way it is.....SPOT ON for two weeks.  Daily email reports for accountability....even if it is just as simple as "Hey....I did on for yesterday!"    Little does she know...I'm going to include my water intake too.

Bonfire yumminess from Saturday night bonfire

So eating is on spot....luckily we don't have any bonfire planned soon!!!!

Last night I was looking at old pictures with my youngest nephew.  He saw some old pictures of me.......his eyes got big (he was around but just very young) and his head whipped around to look at me and then back to the pictures.   I asked him "Do you know know who that is?"  He grinned and said "Well I THINK it's you...but...."   He stopped and I just grinned and said...I'm going to look like that again!

Those pictures made me really long for my weight to be lower.....I looked soooo different!

Here are recent pictures.  (Pardon the hair from today..I"m not sure what was up with that!)

Yeah, what the heck was with my hair?????  Is that wings?
Ahhh a hide my unruly hair!

And now.....lets look down memory lane!  And remind myself where I want to be!!

I thought I was still huge........size medium shirt.
My face just totally amazes me in this shot!!!!  (well, Todd's too...soooo glad he got rid of his 'grizzly Adams' facial hair!)

I'm getting there again.  I looked damn good!!!!!

Sunday, June 08, 2014

An attack

I had my 'official' weekly weigh in.  My weight was up.  Could be natural fluctuation or it could be simply be the affects of vacation finally catching up on the scales.  Not sure...not gonna freak out about it.  Just going to focus!  

I know that my issues and the main reason that my weight is sitting still....or rather staying within the same 3-5 pound range is the fact that my eating is not spot on.  It is not off the cuff...but I'm just not where I need to be.  I know it.  I have to tighten that up!

My weekend flew by...of course.  They all do.  I worked on Saturday morning but flew into action after work.  I had some errands.  First up was Lowes to pick up some lumber to hopefully finish up some of our projects.  I then went to Sam's club where I picked up our vacation photobook.  Last up was groceries.  I rushed home to put everything away and immediately headed out for a walk with a friend on the canal.  I got home and Todd and I worked some on our backyard project and we had dinner.  A nice soak in the hot tub and our day was done.

Saturday started early with yet another trip to Lowes and breakfast out.  We got home and the work commenced.  I spackled a wall that I had plans to paint and then headed out to mow.  And that is where it went downhill. Shortly after starting  mowing (push mowing) I felt my sinus' start to drain and my body respond to the pollen in the air.  That was normal, so I kept mowing....and then I don't know what happened...but that stuff got REAL.

The affects of the pollen got intense and before I knew it I looked like I had gone through a field of tear gas.  I was gagging....dry heaving....snot was stringing from my nose and water was flowing from my eyes like I had lost my long lost friend.

Not a picture of me...but I am sure I looked as miserable..and I had snot stringing to the ground....yeah real pretty I know
 I was hunched over and shaking like a leaf by the time I got to the back of the house where Todd was working.  I called out for water (it took me a few times to get my message across to him because I was literally in pretty bad distress. )    I sat there for a while and got passed it.  I finished mowing....with two more 'attacks'.  Luckily the next two times I stopped immediately as soon as I felt the first inkling of 'badness' and I was never as bad as that first time.

Like I said, I managed to finish the mowing and I even managed to paint two walls in my kitchen.  Looks SOOO much better.  The only problem????   My sinus' are sooo messed up that my head feels like it's double it's size!!!! (and my eyes hurt....)  Kinda like this....
Oh well....tomorrow is a new day.  Planning to run in the am and zumba in the pm!!!

Friday, June 06, 2014

Steadily moving forward

BSo I micromanaged my time last night.  I planned my evening down to the second pretty much.  I also planned my morning today.   My first test came as a sat waiting for sherry to arrive to walk.  My phone rang and she informed that she was running late....REAL late.  I hesitated and I'm sure she thought I was upset (she thinks it's funny now that she knows what my hesitation was about). I hesitated because pushing our walk back and hour would severely disrupt my detailed plans for the night.  NO worries....I rolled with it.....I rushed home and started knocking things off of my list....pushing the 8PM activities to 6PM.  I rushed through everything that I could.  I ate my dinner (peanut butter and jelly sandwich) on the way back to the battlefield.  Seriously, I have to multi-task here so that I can feel halfway caught up!


This is not the second by second plan...but it's my scheduled activities through the weeks....

It worked.  I didn't have a lot of time left at the end of the day...and I have still have things that I wanted to get done that are still on my list...but I'm sitting pretty.   This morning...the same.  I actually overslept...but still managed to do everything on the list....well, I forgot to peel the potatoes for dinner tonight!  Minor issue!

I'm sitting in a better place now for the weekend.  The weekend will still be busy.  I have to mow (a few hours still...until we get our riding mower back), I still have some weeding to do, I will be helping Todd finish a few projects (he has I think 5 unfinished projects that I'm hoping that we can get done...ok, I'm hoping to finish the little things on 3 of the projects this weekend....).   I work this weekend.  I have tentative plans with a friend forSaturday afternoon.  I have concrete plans for walking on Sunday morning.  I have plans to go to hear the municipal band play with a picnic dinner before hand and cake and ice cream to celebrate a birthday afterward.  Ohhhh and I have a run that I'm scheduled to do...and hopefully a bike ride!  So I have lots to do.....

I managed to get my run in this morning!

And got umpteen loads of laundry folded (the load I took out as I was going to bed...the load I put in to dry as I was goign to bed.....and the load I dried while I was out running).  

Unfortunately, the last load I managed this morning is unfolded least it's towels....but how could I interrupt such a pretty girl resting.  

Thursday, June 05, 2014


Vacation was great.   I had a nice time.  We relaxed and more importantly, I stepped back from everything.  Some people may say I shouldn't have stepped back from exercise, but it just didn't work out.   We just ambled through the days (ok, some days were hectic and filled).  It was great.

Then reality hit and I returned to work.  And more importantly I returned to real life.  I worked until 6 each night....I did zumba step on Monday, I went to the gym with Shantel on Tuesday.  I did zumba step on Wednesday.  Each night I got home no earlier than 8...and I proceeded to make dinner.  I then cleaned up.  That doesn't give much time for much in my evenings.  I'm making plans...and I KNOW I need to run consistently to improve my time and succeed in my goals.  So there is three mornings a week.  I want to ride.....but when????   Seriously?  It's only been 5 days and already the laundry is piled up..and chores are stacking up around me.   Cat fur that has been shed  is padding under your feet right????   When am I to find the time?  How can I fit this all into my schedule.  How did I do it before??????   I'm overwhelmed and just feeling like I'm sinking!!!

At least I'm moving!  I have my timetonighttomorrow morning andtomorrow evening micro managed on a schedule!  Tonight after work first up it's walking with Sherry!  Maybe if I micro manage my time for a bit I can get everything done!!!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Food, fellowship and exercise...good times!

First day back from vacation.....what a killer!!!!  It went on SOOOOOOO long.  I just wanted to moan the whole day!  (Oh wait, I did moan about it!)

I stuck to my guns though....water only all day!  My calories were a bit over, but I'm OK with that.  My body totally got kicked off of my normal routine of meals and it was a rough adjustment yesterday to try to get myself back into line (I usually eat lunch at 2 on workdays....I work until 6....and go to zumba after work so dinner isn't until 8 at the earliest.....on vacation I ate lunch at 11 or 12.....BIG difference!)
After work I went to zumba.  Last night was zumba step.  Ho-lee cow....that class is tough under normal conditions.  The conditions yesterday was rough....a week with minimal exercise. A week with lots of heavier foods...lacking fruits and veggies.  My legs were HEAVY!  I didn't let that stop me though!  I plodded through the workout.

After the class I was standing there talking to some friends and somehow they ended up over at my house.  I made a frozen pizza (seriously, I almost always have a frozen pizza in my's a wonderful emergency meal!)....we shared some watermelon.....and some summer salad.  (the summer salad.......that is the bean salad in the pic below...and from my last blog post...

The salad is super easy to make.....quick, quite tasty, nutritional and relatively cheap! 

Yes, I served fine dining to my friends. Frozen pizza...paper plates....nothing but the best (but totally off the cuff...I wasn't planning on making dinner...I was just going to have a PB&J)

Then into the hot tub we went for a nice long soak of our abused muscles....and a long conversation!

Terri, Paula and Moi
Todd left us girls to our own devices........mostly!
So day one post vacation and I survived.  Day two has begun.  My food is exercise is planned.  Now to just stick to the plan!  I've got this!!!!!!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

The end of the Vacation Trilogy

You know...vacation came.   But life continued on.  We got home on Thursday night.  I  spent quite a bit of time pouring over pictures.  I spent time updating my website where I chronicle neon signs.  Yeah yeah yeah, I am infatuated with neon and ghost signs.  

But life continued on and those normal duties that life throws at us had to be done.  Groceries had to be purchased. Laundry had to be washed.  The yard had to be mowed.  Yes, I did all of those things.  (Yes, push mowing...a few hours worth.... so that's good exercise at least!)    Todd spent the time working on the next step of this never ending backyard project.  This backyard project started as an 8x8 pad for a hot tub.....then that pad became 10x10 because it would be nice to have a little area to step on....that grew to 20 feet.   And when that sized patio was done we decided we didn't want the hot tub sitting on that patio...we liked the big we built a 10x10 deck on to the edge of the patio.   Then we decided that the steps off of the old deck (one we put in ages ago...before the patio was even a twinkle in the eye) would take up too much space on the we decided to build a landing at the end of those steps and do a walkway around to the hot tub....that walkway turned into a deck walkway...and just today we finished that 'decking walkway'  which turned into another 10x10 extension....ha ha ha.   Next up flower box on the end of that extention.  (pardon the construction zone....and why yes....that was the chaise lounge I relaxed on while hubby worked today!!!  Hey, my work was done!!!!)
I'd like to say that the eating out and food-a-pa-looza ended when we got home...but it didn't.   We still ate out.  The good thing about my wasn't snacky binge eating.  For the most part it was three square meals a day.  :-)    Here I am at one of our local chinese restaurants.  Hmmmm...wonder if that says Coke on the glass.

That said, I am SOOO ready to get back to healthy eating!!!   I have my food prepped!

 And I've already restarted the water consumption.  I'm tired of diet soda....which was primarily what I drank on vacation.  Water never tasted as good!

13 hours left and I'm ready to ROCK my healthy lifestyle.  PRoud that I didn't fall totally off the wagon....three square meals a day is healthy.  Limited desserts is healthy.  (And split with hubby at that).  I think I did a fair job!!!