Tuesday, February 05, 2013


A few months back I was reaching the bottom of my rope.  I knew it.  I recognized it and I started to think in my head.  In essence I was working up my plan of attack.  I was getting myself ready to begin.   During this time I remember standing outside of my zumba class and talking to a friend.  I said one thing in that conversation that sticks out in my mind.  "I want to reinvent myself."    I wasn't happy with the life I was living.  I knew that drastic changes had to be made.  I also knew that when I reinvented myself that I wanted to do it in a way that I be svelte and gorgeous!  But equally important, I wanted to be that girl that was active and fit.  I had no clue where to begin.  I had no clue what direction to go in.  I was literally clueless.  All I know is that I had to start.  I geared up after Christmas.  I started making tentative changes in my life.  I moved the living room around to fit my exercise bike into the living room.  You see, I know from previous years that I am more apt to use the exercise bike in the living room. (that and the bike doesn't seem to be used as a clothes rack in the living room. ha ha ha).  I stocked up on good foods.  I started to track my food intake in order to get in the habit and I dusted off the password to this blog.  I made my plans and I set myself up to start.  January first rolled around and I was off.  I still didn't have a clue exactly how I was going to reinvent myself but I did know this.  Sitting back and doing nothing was not going to get me there.  To reinvent myself required action.  It required me to start.

Start I did.   I tracked my food.....I continued with zumba....and slowly things started to come around that excite me greatly.

The first thing that happened was a conversation between my manager and I.  She and I were talking about a customer of ours...he is travelling around the states.  We laugh because his accounts never show any signs of hotels/hostels/campgrounds.  We think he may be literally doing a bohemian trip...seeing the sights and sleeping in his car.  She and I both expressed a longing to explore and do something like that...cheaply see the world.  That was when I remembered the long ago dream that Todd and I have had.  That dream?   We want to do a through trip on the C&O canal.  184 miles.  We have said that we would do it in three days and camp at the hiker biker campgrounds along the canal.  I had sat down a few years earlier and thought about what I would need to buy in order to prepare us.  We already had good bikes.  We would need to make sure that our repair kits and first aid kits were completely stocked of course.  But beyond that we would need a tent, sleeping bags and a trailer or panniers to carry our gear.  We had always said that we would cart some simple food for snacky meals but just stop at certain places to eat out (Hancock, Harpers Ferry, etc...there are places along the canal to stop...every once in a while....at least once a day).   The trailer or panniers is what got me.  EXPENSIVE.  Hmmmm.   BUT in the course of the conversation with my manager, I realized that my brother had just moved to our area and while he grumbled about moving it becasue his kids were too old for it....he had brought out his kid trailer!   Of course I asked him the next day and we now have the use of a trailer and sleeping bags.  He offered their tent (as did my friend Sherry........Hi sherry!!!).  The tent will depend on who's doesn't leak (my nephew told me that theirs may leak) and size...remember we are going to have to cart this with us for 184 miles on a bike.   Soooooooo completely in my right mind I took time off of work for early September.  We have the date for the ride booked.  Now it's just a thing of making sure that we are on our bikes regularly through spring and summer.  WOO HOOO    

The second thing that fell into my lap.  Running.  I've always had it on my list of things to do.  But it was my friend that spurred me into action.  I am gung ho on this running thing.  Right now I am aiming to definitely run in the Keller Williams 5k on March 23rd.   I'm also planning on running the Donut Alley Rally in August.    Sherry has a third one in Frederick that she wants to run along with her husband...so if it works with my schedule, I'll probably hook up with them and run that one.   And of course The Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day.  Of course I want to do that one again.  

The third thing is not anything really new and it's similar to the first thing.  Todd and I both plan and want to ride Pedal to preserve again.  I have ridden this twice before.   It is absolutely gorgeous. It's through Lancaster Farmland...riding by farms and ground that the organization that this ride is raising money for is actually working to preserve.  It's a really good feeling!  The first time I rode it was in 2009.  I rode it with Donna  my blogger buddy who is now my real life, in person buddy.  (Hi Donna!)  The second year I rode it again with Donna but Todd also joined us. 

 Now the thing I"m pondering...if I can get a decent road bike...(I currently ride on a hybrid/comfort bike)....if I'm already running..and already biking....should I do a duathlon......hmmmmmmmmmm

This is going to be my new life. And honestly....I'm excited! :-)