Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wednesday and Thursday all rolled into one

Wednesday Update
Well, yesterday morning I weighed myself and I had dropped down to 182.4. I was quite tickled with that as 182.4 was a 1.2 pound difference. I was on the right track! Since I'm back on the oatmeal kick for breakfast, I ate my oatmeal and Todd and I headed down to the DC metro area to spend the day. Todd and I mosied around. We visited some specialty type stores for some things for his business and hit up a Borders. We went to Bertucci's an Italian restaurant. Yes, it's a chain. But their food is pretty darn good. I got the lunch portion of the Four Cheese Ravioli (described as Home-style ravioli stuffed with a blend of ricotta, Parmesan, Romano and Fontina. Topped with tomato sauce and fresh basil.) and a salad. Uhhh yeah, the rolls....the ones that they bake in their brick wood fired oven...yeah, those delicious morsels of goodness...Uhhhh do I really have to say how many I ate. I'm rather embarrassed and ashamed. I did dip them in the herbed olive I got my healthy oils in! OK OK I ate three of them! Why did they put 5 on our table in the first place...there was only two of us there??????? That's not the worst of it though. When we walked in I saw a dessert on their seasonal menu. Strawberries & Lemon Cream. Which is fresh strawberries served with a light, lemon cream mousse. Yeah, of course....fresh strawberries DEFINITELY a fruit serving for the day. My thought was that "I'll focus on the strawberries and leave the cream mousse for Todd" HA How delusional was I???? It tasted sooo good! Todd had eaten a full portion of chicken alfredo with asparagus, a salad and he had had a he sampled my dessert but didn't eat too much of it. (I'm going to recreate the dessert at home.....with lots less points!). We spent some time at Tyson's corner and hit up both Borders and Barnes and Noble. Yeah, gotta love books. I did buy some books....and I got to read a book while sitting at the bookstore. More on that later. We hit up Tyson's Corner and mosied through the mall. And finally headed down to Wolf Trap. I bought my customary tee-shirt. I bought one that I'm 'barely' into. I did that last year...and the tee shirt now is loose on me. I got it home though and it is REALLY tight. Oh me something to work towards. By the time we were inside the venue for the concert, it was about 7:15...we had eaten lunch at around 12:30 or 1PM. I was only slightly hungry...but I know that skipping meals is not a good thing. Well, I didn't really have a meal. I did however have a soft pretzel. Man, I could have just licked the salt off the pretzel and off the paper that they had it wrapped in.....oh wait, I did! YUMMY. I drank three glasses of water with my lunch and drank a bottle of water at the concert. Oh yes, I had an italian soda at the Barnes and Noble cafe also. SOOOOO, while my eating wasn't the wasn't TOTALLY out of whack. Well, what I mean to say is that at least I didn't eat two huge meals....splurging on both of them.

The concert! Chicago! Sadly enough Jimmy and Walt were not with the group tonight. (They were both there three weeks ago when we saw them.) That made me sad because Jimmy is one of my favorite members. Their replacements though.....WHEW! Spectacular! Let me tell you, there was a vibe or an energy on stage last night that just made this one of the better shows that I have seen them perform. Todd also felt that way.....and we see them usually at least twice a year.. for me for the last 10 years...for my husband...for the last 20 years.

We had a safe trip home. Uneventful. We saw a bunch of deer on the edge of the road, so I had to stay super vigilent. For some odd reason, we also saw a ton of cats foraging on the side of the road. What's up with that?

Todd and I both discussed on the way home how we felt rejuvenated after our day way from the normal humdrum. And how relaxed we were. Well, we got home and checked the messages on the phone. Low and behold, Lowes called. And they seemed all happy with the news that they had to give us. They are scrapping our mower. They are going to no longer attempt to repair it. (after 6 weeks they made that decision...6 weeks of me having to get someone else to mow my yard). They will give me such and such amount of money for my BRAND NEW MOWER (that I had used exactly 4 times). They were all happy. Of course they were. When we actually looked into this... we can't even buy the replacement for what they are giving us. To get a new mower up and running again on my property......the SAME model mower...literally the same purchase....We will have to invest another $400. WHAT????? But they will send me a gift card for what they ARE willing to give me. I have called the service plan people...the managment at the Lowes where I purchased it...and the Lowes Customer care center. Not sure I'm going to get anywhere. HOWEVER, I told them that I want a check....not a gift certificate. Honestly, I don't know that I will EVER go to lowes again....I'm that bothered by this whole mess. I guess it will totally depend on what kind of satisfaction that I get. ARRGGHHHHH

The book that I read at the bookstore. The book is titled 90 minutes in Heaven. I've always been fascinated with the stories of people that have been pronounced dead.....but then 'wake' up and go on to describe a visit to heaven. (I heard one first hand account...and the lady actually woke up in the morgue..with a toe tag!) This book was griping. I struggled wtih tears at one point. His explanation and description of his visit to heaven was actually very short......most of the book was based on his recovery and how he has used his experience for the good..and what he learned through this experience. It's a bit religous in it's presentation...but hello...the guy says he was in heaven, how could it not be.

Thursday and back to the normal grind
Ok, I guess I already talked about my Thursday morning early phone calls. We had the message last night. I woke up at 6:30 and started making my phones calls. I just want this mess to be over and things to be back to being hunky dory! I don't like this one bit.

I got off the phone at around 8am...and realized that I hadn't weighed myself for the day. I'll be honest, last night I had seriously contemplated not weighing myself for a few days. BUT, I decided to just go ahead and do it. 182.8. That is only 4/10ths of a pound up from yesterday! I will be honest and say that I ate so poorly yesterday (the choices were better than i would have made in previous years..but still not overly healthy).....I'll also be honest and say that it was so muggy and I did have that wonderful salt on those water retention may have affected me a bit. Who knows. Regardless...I'm still up overall. I've got a bit to lose to put me back on the 'winning' side of things. But I will get there.

After I ate, I did go for a ride. So I did get some exercise in. And then I went into the library and worked on cataloging all of our books. I had already done my fiction a while back..and I don't put any fiction on the shelves until it's been added. But still only puts me less than 1/5 of the way through the library books....twill be a long project! Never ending as we are always buying books! I had lunch (healthy) and then I did a few more chores around the house. The laundry is just about done, the dishes have been washed (at least until I start cooking dinner and dirty some up again) and other little things like that.

Dinner tonight.....picked up a steak for Todd at the meat market this morning. Since I dont' like steak, (yeah yeah yeah...I'm a nut) I'll have mostly veggies. Todd asked for mashed potatoes....s I will make some. (homemade, real of there anything else?) I may throw together a pb&j sandwich for me to eat with dinner. 1. Because i love pb&j's and 2. Because I need some protein for today...I'm sorely lacking!