Thursday, June 19, 2008

Report on HersheyPark and the concert

We were in Hershey yesterday. We spent the day in the actual amusement park! Then in the evening we mosied over to the Star Pavillion and saw a concert. We saw the Doobie Brothers and Chicago! As usual, the concert was excellent. I've seen Chicago every year pretty much since Todd and I met and each year they just blow me away! I only hope that when I'm the age as some of those guys that I'm still operating like they are!

I had decided that I would try to be responsible with my eating, yet I was going to enjoy the food I ate, and eat WHAT I wanted. That said, I ate a reasonable breakfast (egg beater sandwich) for lunch I had a Grilled Chicken wrap, and for dinner I splurged and had a cheeseburger (I've been dying for one lately). I did ask if I could substitute something else for the fries...and got about 1/4 cup of baked beans instead. Here is the bad stuff. My husband and I split a SMALL dippin dot's. I had a chocolate covered banana (hey, at least it was mostly fruit!). I did splurge and have a chocolate milkshake. ANd I ate four miniature pieces of the free candy that you get here and there throughout the day. After the milkshake...which as at 6PM, I called it quits and said no more...I ignored the venders inside the concert (except for the bottled water that I purchased at the concert) AND on the way home when I stopped to get a drink (diet Dr. Pepper) I really fought the urge to buy some kind of food snack. That is immensely better than I would have done recently. Previously I would have eaten my way through the park, through the concert and stopped on the way home to get something else. (tis no wonder I ballooned up to over 300 pounds eh?) SOOOO are you curious what the damage was? Well, let me first tell you that my pedometer counted my steps at close to 30K steps for yesterday. THe last time I weighed I was at 179.4. This morning I was at 180.8. I'm of course not happy to be up 1.4 pounds...but that's managable! I did drink a fair amount of water yesterday....but probably not what I should have. SO even though I can probably blame some of the weight gain on that (and probably some on the upcoming ick if I really wanted to), I'm not going to. that was 1.5 pounds of food! I enjoyed myself and I"m not going to feel guilty about it or worry about it. I've made my plans for getting myself back down and all will be good!

So what is my plan? Simply watch what I eat and hop back into my exercise routine! However, I usually do it first thing in the mornings...and this morning I still haven't! I'll get to it though! 4 hours of sleep and I just don't seem to have the energy! I however am getting ready to clean the house...and get some laundry out on the line. WHen that's done I plan on riding right before I shower!