Monday, March 09, 2020

Can I just throw the scales away

Another week...where does time go???  It’s nuts!!!  We had another fabulous week!  

**We got in a hike and I walked on my lunch break every day but one!!!  We even got an evening walk in one day!  Go me!    

**My eating...that was pretty good!!!! 

** I took time to actually work on my hobby of dollhouses!  And just found that I enjoyed those few minutes each night!  In a way it’s good because so much of what I am doing is completing one step and then waiting for the glue/paint or whatever to dry!  So the 20-30 minutes a night of working on the dollhouse is perfect!!!

**I am even posting some videos of my dollhouses and projects on my YouTube channel!  I have thoroughly enjoyed that!!!  Mainly because it is giving me a visual of my work that even if I change/upgrade or no longer have the dollhouse, I will still have the memory!  The most recent video upload is the building of one of my dollhouses.  And of course I am starting to once again post on my blog for miniatures!! 

** As for my weight...I gained a half pound.  Pretty much I wiped away my loss for last week!  I am exactly where I was two weeks ago!

So that was my week!  This upcoming week is going to be rough for weight loss!!!  Really rough!!!